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Do you also have difficulties while taking photos and wish to become more photogenic? Then here you will get some tips on how to get the right pose to look good in every photo.
posing for photo

Posing for photos is a great skill that most people want to learn. Some people are able to do it by naturally; others can't even manage to look like a normal person in pictures.

When someone points camera at you, and you quickly look away or cover your face with your hands? It means you are either simply not a photogenic or you know that, result could be terrible.

No matter how much effort some people put into posing for photos and selfies, put on the sweetest smile, sit straight; still they look bad in every photo.

The smile look fake, eyes are wide and the pose seems like dull and unattractive. Before you spend your whole life avoiding photos and standing behind the camera, here are a few tips, that will help you look good in every picture.

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Posing For Photo and Tips

Wear right clothes and make-up

To look good in a photo, of course you should wear appropriate dress or style yourself as good as possible, so you feel comfortable.

It is the most important thing that makes you look good in any picture. So, wear a great outfit for the occasion and follow your usual make-up routine. Small spots and other blemishes you can correct by your own.

Also do a good hairstyle, make sure that your hair is correctly positioned or you can use hairspray if necessary. It is not only about posing but how you present yourself is important. This way you will feel comfortable and more relaxed in front of the camera.

Find correct position while posing for photos

While taking photos you can sit down or stand straight, depending on which position you find more comfortable. Although, you can look good in both if you know how to pose.

Whether you are sitting or standing make sure your position doesn't look like a tired person. It should be look like; chest out which make you look confident in photos, belly in and shoulders upright.

If you are having any difficulty while maintaining this posture, you can practice in front of the mirror. It will help you for the right pose whenever you take photos.

Position your face according to camera angle

Camera angle play important role for a perfect photo. You should always avoid bad angles like camera below to your face or too close. Such angles affect the photos negatively, because it will automatically make you look big or bad.

So make sure that you are either at head level or slightly above it. This way the photos look much better. At eye level, a slightly lowered gaze with eyes facing at the camera will look sexy and attractive.

Posing tricks for photos


You can learn by observing models and actors who regularly pose on red carpet, which also gives you an idea for how to pose. The most important thing is; don't stand directly in front of a camera, but sideways look much better than front.

This also make you pics look slim, make sure to keep your belly flat with a correct posture. Following tips will help you; placing the hand on hips, push it outwards and lean the upper body slightly in the opposite direction.

The legs will be slightly bent; you can also stand in front of the other. By placing your hand on your hips, you can create space between your arm and your waist, doing that will help you look slimmer and better.

You can put your hands in your pockets and let your arms out minimally. By using these techniques you can pose much better while taking photos.

Keep calm and focus on breath

While taking photos you must be in control, and breathe as usual. But some people are so tense and stressed out when posing, they forget to breathe deeply from time to time.

You can close your eyes and take a deep breath. After that you will smile a little more relaxed. You don't have to open your mouth wide, and laugh hard, all you need is a little smile, where you can show some teeth or hide them completely.

Sometimes even a simple pose without a smile can look beautiful.

Take more pictures to get used to it

Sometimes, even forced smile looks good in pictures. If you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, but can't escape the situation, try not to pose wildly.

Natural pose is always better to get a nice photo. Don't position yourself a funny way or a fake smile if you don't like it. If you don't know what to do, it is better to ask the photographer, they will give you better advice and help you find the perfect pose.

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