How to Take a Perfect Selfie - Tips and Ideas

Taking a perfect selfie is not easy as it seems, as you know we take hundreds of pics and choose only the best selfie. However, it takes some time to choose a good selfie and right filters.

A selfie is a best way to show your fashion sense, personality, or your self-confidence to the social network sites. Simply pointing the camera at your face and shooting randomly, is not enough to take a attractive selfie.

Do you want your selfies to be good as Instagram models? Then simply follow these tips.

1. Use the right camera settings

This is the most important step that will help you look good in selfie. There are many different settings you can see in your screen, such as aspect ratio, camera resolution, HDR and many more.

Always set your camera resolution to maximum level which helps to take clear and better pics, also you can select the best setting according to your need.

2. Choose the right background

Background play important role, nobody wants to see the dirty room or unorganized bedroom in the background. For a better result, you should choose the right location or place.

An attractive background makes your selfies appear better. In landscape, you can use selfie stick as it allows you to take a snap with wider view. Therefore, also position yourself to the in front of camera accordingly.

3. Look for the best angle

To take a good selfie, you can change your camera angles; don't stick to the same angle. You can rotate your head slightly to the right or left; you can also change your camera position which helps your face appear much better in selfie.

Taking a selfie  above your head direction, will change the size of your nose and enlarge the eyes. You can also straighten the head, finding the perfect angles will allow you to get a perfect selfie.

4. Good lighting is important

You need good light to take a perfect selfie, natural lighting will help to reduce background noise or and other small issues. With the perfect lighting, you can highlight some elements and hide others.

You shouldn't use flash light as it can ruin the photo while sunset lights will always gives you good results. it is better to use night mode in low light condition instead of using flash.

5. Change the way of taking selfies

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, nowadays portraits are slightly outdated. The selfie is not limited to taking a picture of your face. From the moment you take a picture in which you find yourself, in whole or in part, it is still a selfie. Photographing your feet is a great way to show where you are, whether you are on an adventure, traveling or relaxing somewhere.

6. Use appropriate filter

Filters are a great tool; they should be used in with care. However, the perfect selfie should look natural and authentic; it's about showing yourself as you are. Use filters to enhance the picture, which make your skin appears smoother or reduce the dark circles. There are many apps on the store, download some of them and see which ones are best for enhancing the selfie.

7. Be creative while taking selfies

The interest of a selfie is not only to show yourself, there are many things you can show in selfie such as, a new haircut, new shoes or are visiting a new place. Show something new rather than your face, which makes you feel good about yourself.

8. Use selfie stick

Don't hesitate to use a selfie stick, which will allow you to take a picture of yourself from a good angle. They are great for taking a good selfie. It is also good for taking wide angle selfies.

Just find a right angle and background, place your mobile in a selfie stick, give wonderful selfie poses and take a snap at perfect time.

9. Give a big smile

Smile are great way to improve your facial expression, they make your face appear happy. As you know a happy face looks much better than any other facial expression. Make sure give a natural smile; you can always practice in front of mirror to improve the smile.

10. Take as much as you can

As you know the more selfies you click the better you will get at it. Having more pics allows you to choose best selfies which you can post in your social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat etc. On the other hand, if you take small numbers of selfies then you would have limited pics to choose.

Other selfie tips for Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook

  • Stop or minimize taking mirror selfie; because it reverse the photo, also smartphone cover your face which can make your pic look bad or out of shape.
  • Make sure that avoid external objects or person in your selfie, otherwise they will ruin the picture.
  • Use different poses in group selfie, it will help to take a good snap.
  • Avoid outdated poses such as duck face or similar, always try to show something new in your selfie.
  • Use original frames if possible, take a picture of your new sneakers, or running shoes. Take your legs pic from above so they look slim.

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