How to Say No Politely or Without Feeling Guilty

If you don't know "how to say no", here you will know all the tips that will make it easier for you to say "no".

In life, most of the time we face this situation that someone ask you to do something for them, and you say "yes" because you don't want to hurt their feelings, even though we want to say no.

However, helping someone is not a bad thing, but it is important to value your time. Such behavior, mostly seen in those people with lack of self-confidence, self esteem, or someone who thinks that people will hate them if they say no.

If such situation worries you, it means you are a sensitive person, who just cares about others feelings, whether they take advantage of you.

There is no problem taking care of someone's feeling, but what about your own? You should always value yourself and your time.

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How do you say no to friends or people?

First of all, it is important to know that saying NO can create negative feelings in people about you, or possibly they will give you bad reaction.

But, for your self-respect you have to learn to live with that, because it's going to happen whenever you say no to someone. But with these tips you can easily avoid such reactions as the other person won't feel it, as a rude response.

So here i am going share with you six best ways that will help you say no, without feeling guilty.

1. Listen carefully what other person saying

When someone ask you for help, it is very important for you that listen carefully. Don't say "yes" in the middle or when they say "do you have some free time?"

Another situation is, when your friend contact you via phone call, he or she will always try to trick you by saying this, "Where are you now". Many people make this mistake by saying "I am at home", instead of this you should always ask them "what happen".

If they refuse to tell or asking same question again, then you can give them any excuse that "i am outside or doing something or I don't have time for that.

This way, not only you keeping yourself safe from their trap but also, you will let them know that, you are busy or doing something, so other person will not feel bad about this rejection.

2. Tell them reasons instead of making excuses

If you want to give a reason, then never hesitate to make a point. You don't have to give them long explanation about why you are saying no. You can tell them that "i have so much pending work to do".

If you give them excuses then it will offend them, as other person will consider this a direct rejection. Also, people can easily catch an excuse.

How can you give them a reason to say No?

To give a reason you can simply say "I can't or I don't have time for this" is a reason. In case, if you don't give them a reason, then chances you will say "yes".

If you have free time but still want to give them a reason, then you should say this "I am not sure about it, or I am not ready for that".

3. Explain why you don't agree with them

When we clearly tell the fact without fear, the other person will also agree with your choice. It is not wrong to say no, but it is much better than direct response.

Might be, you are thinking why should i explain? Direct response offends people. Explaining them is much better way of saying no, and the person will easily understand you.

How you can explain them?

You can shift their mind according to the situation. For example, if a person is in problem, just say this "I also have the problems in my life, but i have to sort out them one by one". By saying this you making them believe that, you also have problems in life.

This is a very good and indirect way of saying no. Other person won't feel bad with your decision and response.

4. Think before making a decision.

Ask for some time to think about it. You don't have to say "yes" or "no" right after, even if the other person would like to. Just say "I need some time think about it, I will let you know in few minutes."

We often say "yes" to something without thinking that will cost us hours at doing some boring activities. Therefore you should always take some time to understand the situation.

You can ask yourself some questions before making decisions and list them accordingly. This list will give you a great reason for saying No without feeling guilty.

5. Nobody can force you

You have to know that you have your own life and goals that you need to work on. You don't have to always care about someone because people will only come to you when they need you.

Don't always stress out how people will think about me; you have the rights to say no. If you don't control your emotions then other people will always take your advantage.

Saying yes because of fear guilt or pressure is not an authentic "yes". If you say "yes" when you really mean "no", it means you don't value your time and don't care about your self-respect.

6. Learn to say No politely

The most important thing before saying no, your point should be clear and polite. If you do not want to do something, you should say it clearly "sorry i can't do that". You can do this in a gentle and friendly manner, so "no" will not hurt their feelings.

You do not need to prove yourself, but you can explain your "no". This makes it easier for other person to accept the fact.

Show understanding - Say something like "I'm very sorry that you're so busy, but unfortunately I still can't help you out today".

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