How to use Selfie Stick for Android and Iphone


Selfies are the best way to take group or solo photos. But there is certain limitations when you take selfies using your hands such as, limited angle, unable to take a group photo and landscape photo. That's why the selfie stick are invented which makes it possible to take these photos very easily.

If you are reading this article, might be you have seen many people using it. If you like to take your selfies with this device or you still have some difficulties to use the selfie stick?

Here you will know how a selfie stick works and how you can take some great photos using this device.

What is selfie stick used for

This tool is used to take portraits and wide angle view, which gives you professional results in your selfie. There are many similar tools available like this that captures action scenes without the need of someone.

That is the reason selfie stick became popular without any effort. People love this device because the same results are merely impossible with arm length picture.

But selfie stick make it possible which capture sharper and stable images, you can take all types of selfies from a distance of about one meter.

Easy to use in smartphone

A selfie stick can be use in your all mobile phones as well as camera device. However, before buying a selfie stick you should check it properly whether it can be used in all devices or not.

If you just want to use it only for your android or iPhone, buy a selfie stick that perfectly fits on your device.

Each and every selfie stick has different prices and feature which depends on the type of the material used, length of the extension rod, and features. You can buy which is best for you.

How to use selfie stick

You just have to put the device in the phone holder and make sure, it is well maintained to avoid the phone or camera falling down.

Plug the cord in your smartphone using headphone jack, you can use the selfie stick with the camera facing you. To capture the photos, press the button of selfie stick

After placing the device on selfie stick holder, extend the selfie stick according to your need. A good selfie stick has remote control feature that allows you to take the picture remotely without self-timer.

If your selfie stick doesn't allow take pictures remotely, you can use it with self timer on your camera to take the picture.

To use with bluetooth, simply connect your phone to selfie stick via bluetooth and then press the button on the remote control to take the picture when you're ready.

Tips to use the selfie stick properly

If you love to take pictures of landscapes, having a selfie stick can make your pics look much better. You can also use your selfie stick during sports activities to capture action scenes.

To take great photos anywhere, always remember to charge your smartphone and selfie stick (if you are using bluetooth selfie stick). Always keep your hand steady while taking a picture, otherwise you will get a blurry selfie or photo.

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