Can I Lose Weight by Walking 30 Minutes Everyday

How Much Walking to Lose Weight

Walking is the best activity for any age group people. I am sure that after reading this information you will be surprised.

Although, physical activities are recommended to maintain the body weight and, walking is the easiest way that will make you lose weight. Walking at least 30 minutes a day would be more effective and suitable for everyone.

For many people running could be difficult such as older age people, those who have injuries in legs and, those who are less athletic. However, we can make walking more effective for weight loss, brisk walking allows you burn calories faster.

Even with 30 minutes of walking or an hour a day, can burn enough calories that help lose weight and maintain your health.

Why You Should Walk 30 Minutes or an Hour a Day

After walking our body produces happiness hormones which make us feel good, also there are many other benefits you get with this activity. Walking are enough to burn excess body fat when you combine with healthy diet. Brisk walk is great for improving your cardiovascular health.

In addition, it help fight against stress and anxiety, as it promotes endorphins and dopamine hormones in the body. It is scientifically proven that few minutes (an hour) of walking or any physical activity can increase our endorphins which makes us feel positive.

Walking, Effectively Burns Calories and Fat

According to studies, the more calories you will burn the more fat you will lose. Walking increases the caloric burn rate, help to maintain the muscle mass, increases metabolism which play most important role in weight loss. If you want to lose weight fast, then you can do few minutes of walking before breakfast.

However, if you don't have enough time, you can do it according to your time, but if you do this early morning in fasted state it will be more beneficial for you.

Early morning your body goes to fasted state, glycogen stores would be lower and walking that time will burn your stored glycogen, then your body will use fat as a energy source which help to burn fat faster. But if you feel uncomfortable then you can eat light breakfast before walk.

Increasing the walking intensity such as, fast walking will give you a great workout, as it increases our heart rate which makes you feel a little out of breath. Walking 30 minutes every day especially brisk walking, could burn more than 100 calories which will definitely help you lose weight.

Walking tips that Help you Lose Weight

If you love walking more than running then, following the steps will help you to reach your goal.

  • First of all you should keep yourself hydrated, because hydration helps burn more calories and improves performance while walking.
  • First few minutes, you should walk fast, which increases your heart beat. Faster heart beats means you will burn more calories but don't overdo it.
  • Install the apps that help track your steps, speed, calories burn and the duration of walking.
  • If you getting bore alone, then you can put your headphones, invite friends to walk with you.


Weight loss is mainly depends on your calories consumption. However, walking is a great activity to burn those calories. Walking is still a good alternative for running because it also helps you burn those extra calories. In addition, lifting weights might be difficult for some people. You can start your journey with 10 minutes, and then gradually increase your duration, but aim for at least an hour to get most of the benefits of this activity.

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