Why is it Important to Play Sports?


Sports are the part of our life which has many advantages. There are many reasons to play sports; some wants become an athlete, some play for enjoyment to pass the free time, others may play it to keep themselves fit and healthy.

There is no doubt that playing sports offers so many benefits. Why people love sports, it also depends on person to person.

However, sports are a type of physical activity which prevents various health problems, improve strength, energy and manage stress level. It can also help maintain a healthy body weight and muscle mass.

Why is it Important to Play Sports

1. Help you Lose Weight

During sports, body moves from one place to another which increases the caloric expenditure rate. However, it is true that sports alone are not enough, but with balanced physical activity and diet we can easily able to lose weight, and tone our body.

It can also help to maintain the weight, that is good for those who don't want to lose weight. But make sure keep your calories consumption balanced.

2. Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Playing sports daily, helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as diabetes and heart attack. During physical activity, even during walking, body uses number of muscles, your heart and lungs also works which increases the aerobic capacity.

Even, health experts also recommend physical activities to keep your heart, bones and lungs healthy.

3. Increase your Confidence

Playing sports improves your mental health, physical appearance and make you believe that you are capable of taking challenges. Taking care of yourself will help to increase your confidence.

This is possible because you feel better about yourself. Playing sports also encourage us to follow disciplined lifestyle.

4. Keeps you In Shape

It's true that playing sports improve physical and mental health which helps to extend our lives. During physical activity our body burns enough calories also tone your muscle definition. Playing sports for few minutes also boost your metabolism which play important role for maintaining your body weight.

5. You will feel Relaxed

Any kind of physical activity help to lower stress level in the body. To have better mood and focus you should do at least 20-45 minutes of sports activity, which releases the hormone called endorphins which help to combat stress.

Playing sports are the best way to calm your mind even few minutes of walking also lower your stress.

6. You will sleep Better

Sleep and rest are important part of a healthy life. As, playing sports reduces your stress which help you sleep better. If you are having any difficulty for falling asleep, then playing sports or even few minutes of walking can help improve your sleep.

7. Energy Boost

It increases blood flow in your whole body your heart and lungs works well. Physical activity improves metabolism and, oxygen level in your blood which gives massive energy boost, so you can work more efficiently without feeling exhausted.

8. Great Opportunity to Meet new People

Sport is a great way to meet people. While team sports make it easy to bond with a team and a club. Look for jogging partners, you will find many new people out there, and people love each other's when they find someone with similar interest.


Experts recommend that young people usually get 60 minutes or a little more of moderate physical activity. Sports are good for body and especially for the mind. Playing sports help body to produce chemicals that make us happy and promote peace of mind. Sports helps some people sleep better. It also helps people who have or suffer from depression or have low self-esteem.

Doing any kind of sport activity at least 3 times a week helps us to have a healthier and balanced life.

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