How to Stretch Shoes That Are Too Tight - 8 Best Ways


You bought a pair of shoes that looks super cool, but after trying them, you realize they are too tight for your feet. In this case, widening your shoes is necessary. Walking with a pair of shoes that are too tight could be painful and can damage your feet.

If your favorite shoes are too tight, they can hurt your feet. But, here are some homemade tips that will help to widen the size of your shoes. So, you can wear them comfortably or without hurting your toes.

8 Ways to Stretch out Your Shoes

1. Wear your Shoes Regular

This is a sure thing that wearing them regularly increases the size of your shoes and they will fit comfortably. Once your shoes get wider, you will feel less pain in your toes and feet.

You can do this at home; put thick socks and wear the shoes until it gets better. Walk for few minutes to widen the size of your shoes. If it hurt your feet then remove the shoes for few minutes.

2. Try Freezing Method for Tight Shoes

It sounds weird but this trick works great. Freezing method can increase the size of shoes and you can wear without any problem. To do this, you will need two plastic freezer bags and water. Fill the freezer bags with water and close it tightly to prevent water leakage.

Now, put the bags on your shoes and leave them in freezer for 4-6 hours. When the water will freeze and turn into a solid, its volume will slightly increases and loosen the leather of your shoes.

Remove the freezer bags from shoes and dry them with any cloth or paper. Wear the shoes and if it still tight then repeat the process.

3. Rubbing Alcohol Method for Tight Shoes

This is a very simple and effective way to stretch size of your shoes. You will need rubbing alcohol that contains 70 - 80 percent alcohol. Soak the inside of the shoe with alcohol which softens the leather of your shoes.

You can use clean cotton for this, soak cotton then rub it on your shoes or the tight area. After a few hours, alcohol helps stretch the shoes. Once your shoes are dry, put a pair of socks and wear them.

4. The Heating Method to Stretch the Shoes

Freezing method known for stretching the size of shoes. The heating also good for this purpose. You will need some warm water, soak the leather with warm water to loosen the leather of your shoes. Let them dry, then wear tightly for a few hours, move your toes to expand the leather.

5. Heat your Shoes with Hair Dryer

Hair dryer quickly heat up your shoes. To do this, take a shoe and direct the hot air into the shoes. When the leather is warm, wear your shoe or put paper to widen it. Do the same with the other shoe and don't use dryer for too long, you can also use a hair dryer while wearing them.

6. The paper Method for Tight Shoes

In this method you will need newspaper or water. Soak the newspaper in water and put them in your shoes. Then simply let the moisture act for several hours (at least 24 hours) to loosen the leather and soften your shoes. This method can stretch your shoes few centimeters so; you can wear them without hurting your feet.

7. Moisturizing Method for Tight Shoes

With a clean cloth, apply some moisturizer or glycerin inside your shoes. Then you can either wear your shoes with a pair of thick socks or, use a wooden shoe tree to widen them. Choose shoe trees that can be adjusted in length and width.

You can also hydrate your feet with moisturizer, and then foot slips easily into the shoe.

8. Freezing Shoes

Here you can directly put your shoes in the freezer. Let them in the freezer for 1 - 2 hours. After that put socks and wear them. This method is also good for sneakers and sports shoes.

Last-Line: How to Stretch Shoes

This tips works on all type of shoes, but make sure, you shoes must have leather or any stretchable material. All these method are very effective that make your shoes bigger quickly. If you try everything and nothing works then give it to a shoemaker. Always choose those shoes that feel comfortable while walking.

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