Why are People Selfish? And Characteristics

Why are People Selfish

Humans are social beings and they always like to be surrounded by people for fun, sharing feelings and personal support. It is a part of our life, because you can't do everything by yourself.

Most of the time we need someone's help to understand something, or while doing any kind of work.

We cannot live alone; Every second of our lives we need the support of other people to survive.

Still why are we selfish? Besides, why do most us always want to be better than others? But if you ask the same question to yourself, it can help you understand this much better.

Let's find out the truth behind this.

1. It comes from childhood

A selfish person always thinks that "I came alone into this world and no one was with me in my bad times, so I can be alone without needing anyone." But, it's not a truth, they forget that there was someone who helped them come into this world.

When the baby comes to this world, they cry not for others but for themselves and it is very important for their survival. A baby cannot speak, if they need food or something, they begin to cry to let her mother know that "I am Hungry or needs something".

If you look at the whole scenario, it clearly explain that we are selfish since birth. No doubt, we get this quality from birth and we develop this behavior from childhood, so it is a part of our life.

2. Circumstances make us selfish

It is true that, if you surrounded by selfish people, then sooner or later you will also begin to think like them. Our social circle also responsible, since we learn many things from our elders.

Around the world, there are many different cultures which is taught by their parents. That's why everybody follows different culture and follows them accordingly.

Likewise, if one's parents tell their son; "Do not share your stuff with others", then later he will become a selfish person when he grows up. Conversely, if your parents encourage you to share your food with others then, you will do the same thing even when you become an adult.

Our childhood experiences and behavior (positive or negative) can have great impact on our mind.

3. Scarcity makes people selfish

Thinking about oneself is a good thing but it also make us selfish at some point. Everybody wants to be the first place so others will appreciate them, how selfish isn't it? However, people also work hard to reach the top position, but this is a selfish thing in itself.

For example, there are only one position and many people apply for that, but each and every one doing their best because, they want to secure that position. Each person think that "I deserve this and not others", which tells us that humans are always selfish about their own benefits, even if they don't admit the fact.

People talk a lot about helping others, but they don't do it until they see that they can benefit themselves as well. In some cases, people think of others and yet seek their own benefit. So being selfish is necessary for our survival.

4. Personal Benefits is more important

While everyone says that "sharing is caring" but truth is, nobody shares something unless they get any sort of benefits form it. I mean, why people will share something valuable at free of cost? Everybody wants reward for their work, even school teacher doesn't share their knowledge at free of cost.

You know why? Because people do lot of handwork to obtain such knowledge so they want reward for their hard work. If you put yourself in that position, can you provide everything without getting any personal benefits? I think no, so consider this we all are selfish.

6. People don't care

Why people should care about you, if you don't care yourself? Loving yourself is a great thing but, does that mean I am selfish? Of course not. However, it is also true, that selfish people love everything about themselves.

Even your boss also wants some benefits from you, that's why you are there. Once they find someone better who can bring more advantages to their company, then they will never hesitate to replace you.

Another example is; a sport coach always wants to get more credit because he thinks that the person wins because of their guidance. We all are Hungary for credit and forget about what other person is doing and how much effort he put to achieve this.

This, clearly means that we mostly think about ourselves and doesn't care about someone's feelings which is associated with being selfish.

How to Stop Being Selfish

I think there are certain ways that help stop being selfish:

  • Have positive thinking for others as you think for yourself. It help change the mind-set and soon you will see much improvement in your life.
  • Stop seeking benefits and help people if you can. If you help others, they will also willing to help you, which help create better relationships.
  • Listen what others are saying and don't give your advice until someone ask for it. Sometimes people just want to empty their feelings, so be a good listener.
  • You can also share your knowledge with others. Everyone has the potential to help people, you will feel much better.

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