Skydiving or Paragliding Benefits on Body and Mind


Skydiving and paragliding both are very thrilling sport that you should try at least once. If you want to try something new, why not try them? It will gives you completely different experience than any other sports. It has many advantages for mental and physical health.

However, most of the population is unaware of its incredible benefits. But to do this one needs a lot of courage and motivation. For most people skydiving or paragliding is a safe activity and you don't have to worry about it.

Benefits of Skydiving or Paragliding

1. Help Control Stress

During this activity, our brain secretes a neurotransmitter called adrenaline. This is because when you fall from above or fly; you will feel fear, and adrenaline is activated when your body is in danger.

The brain also produces dopamine, a feel good hormone and, increase in the production of dopamine. It has great impact on a person's mood that help manage stress. Whenever a person tries something new, it is a kind of reward for them. Parachute jumping or paragliding is one of the best method to control your stress levels.

2. Boosts Self-confidence

It takes courage to jump from top and fly in the sky, which you can't even imagine. By doing this, you will know that you can do anything which also help know what are your limits.

You do not have to be afraid during this activity, because everything is already set for your safety. Moreover, this activity help achieve your full potential by confronting fears.

By doing this activity, you will know that; you are capable of accomplishing great things, whether they are dangerous or stressful. The result is better self-esteem and self-confidence.

3. You will be Fearless and Able to face any Challenge

The feeling of fear and tension experienced during skydiving is present in every person's life. You will find that, going to a job interview, having a communication with people, and similar activities are much easier than parachute jumping.

It help you understand the fear and stress, so you will able to overcome them (fears).

4. Help you take Beautiful Pictures

When you have decided to skydive, whether by the sea or land, you will be able to see a great view. Actually, you will feel like you are flying and you will see the ground from the other side. This feeling will be great and you will like it.

5. Help Burn Calories

Skydiving is a sport, which requires good physical condition. This exercise allows calories to be burned, especially during landing, as the muscles of the arms are intensively used. It also has an effect on the mind because, it trains your mind to remain calm.

However, skydiving or paragliding is an activity to try at least once in your life. Indeed, it provides strong sensations and helps maintain mental and physical health.


Skydiving or parachute jumping are one of the best sport, but, make sure get your doctor advice before trying it. However, in many cases it is a safe activity but, there is a risk for those who fears height.

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