How to Answer Tell me About Yourself in an Interview

Tell me About Yourself

Tell me About Yourself

You applied for a job and get selected for interview. "Introduce yourself" or "Tell me about yourself" is the first and most common question an interviewer will be asked.

Now it's up to you, how you can answer this question; If answered well, you will make a great first impression in eyes of the interviewer which helps open the door of success.

But many people don't take it seriously because, they think it is not a big deal to answer such question or it will as simple as breaking the ice. You should be careful when answering this question because an interviewer can observe many things about you.

For most employers "Tell me about yourself" is not only a way to start a conversation with you but more than that, so must be careful about what you tell him about yourself.

By asking this question, the recruiter wants to discover you and know more about your activities. They also observe your self-confidence and, how can you deal with a clients or your customers.

You should avoid any kind of information that you already given in CV, because they want to discover something new by asking this question. However, if you don't know how to answer 'tell me about yourself' then here are some great ideas and tips that will help.

Tell about your qualities

This is what every interviewer wants to know about you, Introduced by telling your qualities, how you've begin your career and how much effort you put in that. Tell them, how did you manage projects and, why did they choose you for that.

Here is an example: You can tell about what have you done while working for a particular organization. Besides this tell something that characterizes your unique qualities and creativity.

It would be great if you tell "I train myself every day and always try to learn something new which help me grow and my organization. I think, I have all those qualities and potential that required for this position, that's why I sent you my CV, to prove myself."

Mistakes that you should avoid

First of all you don't have to tell them your personal matters, since many people make such mistakes while answering this question. Some even begin to talk about their life such as university graduation and the things that didn't add any value.

Many people will talk about the problems in their current job, explaining why they are applying for this new position, because their boss refuses to allow them flexible hours or overtime issue etc.

Some people will just tell them exact same thing as their CV, while explaining work experience. These are the common mistakes you should avoid because an interviewer wants to know your unique qualities and not what's going on your life.

If your answers met with above condition then recruiter will think that you are not interested in this job. It also let them think that, "This person does not love his current job, how will he work here with genuine interest?"

Share your past experience

It will let them know about your abilities and how much effort you put while working. They will realize, that you have done something good at past, which allows you to open the door of success. Don't forget to speak about your achievements that you obtained.

For example: I have been working on xyz field at least 4 years. My current position is officer, I have done so much for my company which increased the organization growth up to 50% and, it keeps growing each year because of my hard work.

With this kind of experience, I am looking for an opportunity to advance in my career. I am sure I will do a lot better in the company like you, which helps make things easier for people, and it is quite exciting for me.

Talking about the past, and current situation, let the recruiter know where you come from, what drives you to apply for that post, and what your future plan is.

Don't explain too much

There are many people waiting out there, so you have to keep it short and simple, because an interviewer also hate this when someone take enough time and don't provide much information.

You should prepare for everything before interview and when asked about yourself, clearly explain why you are best for this position and most important is why you want that position.

This will help understand what the recruiter is looking for in terms of skills and experience. By keeping all the above tips in your mind you can easily answer whenever someone asks you "Tell me about yourself".

Last-Line: how to answer "Tell me about yourself"

Here are some quick tips to follow:

  • Don't provide unnecessary information that wastes interviewer's time.
  • Your answer should not take too long.
  • Don't try to impress the interviewer just focus on your best.
  • Always be confident while answering the questions.
  • And last, give them important details which allows them to know more about you.

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