14 Workplace Safety Tips that Everybody Should Know


Personal safety while working in a risky environment is important aspects that help protect the employees from accidents. However, workplace safety are not only limited to wearing shoes and helmet, there are many things involves that you will know here.

In order to prevent workplace hazards, here are some useful tips to ensure the safety of you and your colleagues in the office.

Workplace Safety Tips that you Should Follow Daily

1. Keep your workplace clean and organised

Make sure your workplace must be clean and organised, which help increase the productivity and prevent any kind of risk. It's important to have enough space, so you and your colleagues can move around without any problem.

Keep enough open space so, you can enter and leave the office, without hitting obstacles. Every little things help keep the workplace safe, and can prevent many injuries whether it's small or big.

2. Wear safety glasses

If it's necessary, then always wear glasses to protect your eyes, depending on your work environment. An accident can happen so quickly, like any micro particles, dust or smoke can goes into your eyes quickly. But glasses can protect as it act like shield, it could be a right choice to ensure eye safety.

3. Protect your workplace from fire

Fire is most dangerous for any workplace which not only damages the whole place, but also does permanent damage to a person. To prevent the risk of fire, make sure you and your co-workers follow certain rules.

If possible update your old electrical appliances and do not store flammable substance or products in an enclosed room. Make sure to organize a fire drill every year.

4. Use protective equipment

The right equipment will be best for personal safety. You can wear a helmet to protect your head from fracture, wear steel-toed boots since most workplaces required these types of equipment.

5. Use safety posters and pictogram

As we use no-smoking poster, to ensure the people, they cannot smoke in a particular area. Similarly, sufficient safety pictograms or posters are displayed in workplace, so that employees will know immediately what they can and cannot do in a particular room.

6. Dress accordingly

Wear a properly sized dress that fits you perfectly. For example, the sleeves of your shirt are securely tied around your wrists. This way, you can prevent your arm from getting caught in a machine or other work equipment. Avoid too tight clothes, it will make you feel uncomfortable while working.

7. Report any problem immediately

Electricity offers many benefits and which makes our day to day life easier. Unfortunately, it also exposes us to dangers that can have fatal consequences. If you find any abnormal activity, such as overheating, voltage drop or power failure, report immediately.

8. Wear a mask

This is most important that protects your lungs. However, some work environments or workplace are full of dust, sawdust or debris of any kind that can cause respiratory problems. They also increases the risk of various lung related infections, so wear the right face mask.

9. Keep a first aid with you

First aid help to prevent the serious infections. It doesn't matter how small a wound is, still it can lead to serious infections if not treated at time. First aid should be provided when a person get minor accident.

However, in case of serious accident immediately report to your safety department or call an ambulance.

10. Tie yourself properly

If you are working at heights, then secure yourself properly to prevent fall. If you are on a forklift truck, wear your seat belt as you wear in car.

11. Inspect machine before operating

For your personal safety, you should inspect the tools and machine properly before each work shift.

12. Never touch a machine that you don't know

If you don't have any experience about a machine then better to stay away from it. Even your employer will never let you operate the machine, if you don't have mastery or certificate, because an accident doesn't not take much time to happen.

13. Take enough rest

Sleep well to have plenty of energy for the next day, have a good meal and drink coffee which help you keep awake. Be alert and aware of what you are doing. Don't get easily distracted and put your mobile in silent mode. Focus only on the task that you can handle.

14. Have a fire extinguisher

In case of minor fire you should always use it to control the fire.

Last-Line: Workplace Safety

If you don't know what to do? Or does not feel safe in a particular situation? Do you have any difficulty while doing a task? When in doubt, Stop doing everything and ask for help. It would be much better to delay a task than to completely ruin it, or to put yourself at particular risk.

If you still have questions about safety at workplace, don't hesitate to consult your employer or your safety advisor. If you follow these rules, it will help make your workplace much better and promote safe environment.

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