Why Men Love Breasts or Attract Them?


For men, the women's breasts are most attractive, as a woman with large breasts is unconsciously considered as fertile.

If you are a man then might be you have already asked yourself this question; why do I like women's breasts so much? On the other hand, even women also want to know the answer.

Science has never really found a satisfactory explanation about why do men love breasts so much? But Dr Larry Young, a neuroscientist and professor who believes that; it comes from human evolution, and something that strengthens the mother-child bond during breastfeeding.

It also helps to strengthen the bonds between the couples. Therefore, men like breasts, love nipples and everything around them.

It Promotes Oxytocin

According to this neuroscientist, the breast provides food to the baby and can be considered the first relationship with our mother. This relationship is necessary for the development of the child which remains in the mind of the male until he becomes an adult.

During breastfeeding, a hormones is releases in a woman's brain called oxytocin, which is strongly linked to love and attachment. Therefore, when this hormone is released, the mother becomes attached to her child, which puts all her attention on the child.

This hormone is also released when the woman's breasts are caressed by the man, and as a result of this hormonal reaction, the woman focuses all her attention on her partner.

From this observation, when her partner touches, massages, or licks or a woman's nipples, it stimulates oxytocin in the woman's brain, as if she is holding a child in her arms. So, the woman focuses all her attention and affection on her partner, and this increases her desire to strengthen her bond with that person.

It is interesting for men to love the breasts (boobs), because it brings them more affection and love from his partner, which help build a long lasting relationship.

Necessary to Satisfy Men

During sexual intercourse, a woman's breasts are stimulated by the same areas of the brain that stimulate the vagina and clitoris. Therefore, breasts play important role. Besides, according to a study, 82% of women believe that stimulation of the nipples increases their sexual arousal.

Moreover, stimulation of the breast promotes release of oxytocin. It is the same hormone that is released during breastfeeding, which will make a woman completely devoted to her partner, and increase affection for her partner.

To increase sexual attachment, men are more interested in massaging and stimulating their partner's breasts to get closer to them and increasing their chances of fertilization.

However, the exact reason for this question is still debated and is not clear. But one thing is clear; men love breasts, whatever the shape is and, it will not going to change soon.

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