How do Bodybuilders Get so Big (Huge)


Getting big or huge like bodybuilder are dream of many people especially, when you workout regularly. However, everybody has different goals; some may just want to keep themselves in good shape, whereas others want to build bigger muscles.

If you are skinny and started lifting weights then definitely your goal would be gaining size. There are some basic rules that most bodybuilder follows daily. Knowing these rules will help understand that how do bodybuilders get bigger.

How do Bodybuilders Maximize muscle growth

1. Bodybuilders follows a workout routine

At beginning, you might be thinking "how can I build big muscles?" which is common for every beginner. The first thing is make a proper plan and regular workout routine. You can ask your trainer to help you.

Bodybuilders regularly do strength training which help build muscle fast. Lifting heavy puts lot of stress and damages your muscle fibers, which help them get huge.

They also increases weight gradually to make the exercise more challenging. In order to gain muscle size, you should train with progressive load. But, start with light weight then make progress once it get easier.

2. Bodybuilders Eat Big to Get Big

Calories play important role; it is important to know how much calories you need to increase the muscle size. It is necessary to maximize your calorie intake per day.

Therefore, if you consume 2,000 calories daily and burn 500 calories while working out, you should increase your calories intake based on calculation. Make sure avoid overeating else you will get fat, which hides the muscle definition.

3. Eat plenty of proteins

Proteins are essential for muscle growth as, it promotes muscle anabolism and speed up the recovery of damaged muscle fibers, which occurs after training.

It would be better if you take proteins after finishing your workout (within 30 minutes) and before going to sleep you can drink proteins shake, and when you wakes up at morning.

Recommended protein intake for muscle gain is 1 - 1.5 grams per kg of body weight. So calculate the exact number based on your body weight, you can also eat meat, eggs, and fish.

4. Exercise Variations

Bodybuilders always try to different variations while doing strength training, it help prevent boredom and keep them motivated. Variations make the workout challenging and progressions are necessary that help get big muscles.

5. Drink enough water

You may wonder how water can help; When you workout with proper hydration it improves our performance and transport nutrients to our body. Drink plenty of water at the same time and avoid drinks that promotes estrogen such as alcohol.

6. Consume enough carbs

Although, there are two types of carbs "complex and refined" but many people will advise you to avoid carbs, or it will make you fat. However, reducing carbs can help with weight loss.

But, you have different goals, and when consumed before workout, it provide enough energy. We need energy to lift weights and for exercising longer duration, which help you get bigger.

You should always eat healthy carbs such as vegetables, fruits and avoid any refined or processed food such as sugar etc. Make sure eat them in moderation.

7. Bodybuilders get enough sleep

To have enough energy for next day you must sleep enough. Most important; it help lower the stress level, repairs muscle damage and ensures a better and faster recovery from injuries, which promotes significant muscle gain.

When you sleep, it promotes the growth hormone and help build muscles. If you don't sleep, they won't grow, get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

8. Bodybuilders do compound exercises

Training your large muscle groups will give you the size that you always want. Since the large muscle are much bigger than small muscles.

You can do exercises like pull ups, dead lifts, squats, and bench press which boost your testosterone level. The more testosterone your body produce, the faster you will get big muscles.

9. They Take supplement

Bodybuilders take supplements such as creatine, whey, BCAA etc. Creatine is one of the most consumed supplements by athletes, because it help enhance the performance.

According to a study creatine supplementation effective for increasing exercise performance, remember consume them with moderation.

10. Set a goal and be consistent

To gain muscle size, you don't have to train for a whole week, as this would lead to overtraining. You can workout at least 4-5 times a week while following a proper routine.

Set a goal, plan accordingly and stick to them so you will able to know how you're going to achieve it. If you don't know where to start, then you will never get big as bodybuilders.

Don't stop in the middle of your fitness program, even after you achieve the goal. To build big muscles, you need to work out regularly and don't look for excuses. Once you get used to it, you may feel stronger than before.

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