Why do Men Grow Beards? Beard Psychological Effects


Nowadays many men's growing beards and, having a beard and moustache are become a trendy fashion. You can see it almost everywhere, including on social media and especially celebrities such as actors, athletes and models who appear in the magazine.

There are many reasons for men to grow beard on their face, whether you are young or old. Besides, beard and moustache are considered as a fashion if you maintain it well.

In fact, there are many advantages because, beard symbolizes men's personality as well as the freedom to accept his difference. If you grow beard; it will completely change your appearance. It is important part of a man's appearance.

Reasons why do Men Grow Beards

1. Women loves it

Having a well maintained beard not only make you look attractive but also, it help attract a woman. If you look at some famous male celebrities for example, "Thor in infinity war". Women consider them a calm, mature, and a masculine person which is attractive qualities for most women.

According to a study, after showing the pictures of clean shaven, heavy stubble and fully bearded men; women rated that, faces with heavy stubble are more attractive than, full beard, light stubble or clean shaven men. Whereas, men considered full beard and heavy stubble to be the most attractive, than clean shaven men.

2. The beard makes you sexy

Most men prefer clean shave and not everyone can grow a beard, which is the major difference between the man with and without beard. Even if you take a look at research, you will find that most women think beards are attractive.

If you have a youthful face, a beard can definitely make you look more mature as well as attractive. Also, women prefer mature men to be their partner.

3. Saves your time

Men who have thick facial hair need some time for shaving on a daily basis. Moreover, once you forget shaving, your beard will grow. Do you want to spend your time on this activity? An average man almost shave their face everyday.

However, if you want to change your look then stop this, and once your beard will grow, you will able to see a different face. However, if you don't like it, then you can shave your beard to get back your previous look.

4. Beard offers some health benefits

It is shown in a study that beard can protect you from UV rays and reduces the sun exposure.

Besides, during the stressful situation you can play with your beard to lower the stress. Moreover, less sun exposure help against skin aging.

5. The beard, a sign of authority

Nowadays, it is becoming common, but not for some important position. Whether you are an employee, or student everyone can grow beard.

Believe it or not, there is psychological aspect that, beard may help to gain respect from people around you. Because, people might think that you are a mature and responsible person.

6. It increases your patience

It takes some time and, one requires patience to grow beard. The average growth of beard hair is 1.25cm per month. However, during the starting days, your face might itch, it can be prevented by trimming but, once you get used to it, everything will be normal.

7. Help to take care of themselves

Men also appreciate it, because it allows us to find the time to take care of ourselves. To maintain a perfect beard, you need to trim it correctly, apply cream to moisturize the beard, and many things you do to take care of your face and beard.

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