Why do we feel cold after workout or exercising


Do you often feel cold after workout? But don't really know why it happens to you? You might think, is it a symptom of an unknown disease. However, in most cases it should not be a serious problem. Read this article to know.

Why cold after workout is mostly harmless?

During winter, when you go to the gym for workout, low temperatures can affect your body. Despite the cool air, the body works continuously to maintain a healthy temperature.

Besides, cold air makes it difficult to maintain the body temperature than summer. So, you will lose the body temperature quickly after finishing your workout.

However, it can also occur during summer, especially after workout or exercising. During the workout your body produces enough sweats to protect the body from overheating. Slow evaporation of sweat can be the reason that makes you feel cold after a workout.

After exercising, sweats play important role, which cools you down even more. It is a natural response of our body and which is completely normal.

Reasons of Feeling Cold after Workout

1. Not getting enough sleep and rest

When you sleep enough it help to maintain the hormonal balance which allows your body to maintain the proper temperature rest of the day. Conversely, people with sleep deprivation feel colder than usual because it affects the regulation of body heat. (source)

So, if this is the case for you, try to sleep at least 8 hours per night. Our sleep cycle plays an important role such as reducing stress, and repairing your entire body.

2. Not drinking enough water

Dehydration causes many problems, if you are not drinking enough water, after exercise your body may feel cold due to lack of water. Water also help to regulate your body temperature, so drink water before and after workout.

Our body reacts quickly when you go into dehydration mode, which makes you feel cold, dizzy and nausea.

3. Poor circulation

However, exercises help improve the circulatory system but, it may also be possible that you suffer from poor blood circulation. In most cases, the feeling of cold not only occurs after exercise, but also during exercise.

4. Low blood sugar problems

Low blood sugar level before exercising, forces our body to use reserved energy. This affects your body's ability to maintain a proper temperature, resulting after the workout session you may feel cold.

To overcome this, eat carbs before workout to have maximum energy and balanced blood sugar level.

5. Right clothes can help

However, the right clothing is also important which help prevent feeling of cold after workout. Clothes help maintain the right temperature during winter days. What about summer? Still it is important to wear a clothes that soak body sweats quickly. You should take off sweaty clothes and after taking shower and replace them with dry clothes.

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