Is it Bad to Run with your Mobile Phone in Hand?


Smartphones, are the important part of our life because we feel incomplete without it. However, carrying a mobile phone while running or jogging can help prevent boredom, if you plug in your headphones and listen to music.

Running without music will be much boring. But, if you don't have armband for a smartphone then it would be better to keep your phone at home. Many people also check time regularly, some people prefer to keep their smartphone in hand when they run. All these mistakes should be avoided since it add too much distractions.

Why you should avoid running with a phone in hand

Reduces effectiveness

During running, the arm movement help balance the body which allows us to run faster without any difficulty. Arm movement also provides momentum, which positively influences your running speed. When you grab mobile in hand, it disrupt arm movement and completely prevent maintaining the proper balance.

Reduces Focus while running

Your most attention will be on your mobile such as checking social media during breaks which can take a lot of time. This not only wastes your time but also you will not be able to complete your distance.

To get more benefits, keep your mobile at home, so that you can focus all your attention on one activity.

Can cause muscle imbalance

It seems absurd, but even a small thing like a smartphone can affect the body's position when running. After a few weeks or months, you may feel muscle tension in your hips, shoulders, and knees, also pain or even tendonitis.

By holding your phone tightly in your hand, you will tighten hands and shoulders, which can quickly exhaust them. Holding your phone on your hand would not be the best solution, as it would destabilize the body. The best way is to choose a running belt so that you can enjoy your running.

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