Are All Calories Equal or Same? Know here

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The quality of calories are depends on the diet we follow or the food we eat daily. However, calories play important role in our daily life such as providing the required energy which helps in body functioning.

When it comes to weight loss everyone says that "You should follow a healthy diet or reduce your calories intake". Based on studies, a calorie is just a source of energy.

Although, each person's body reacts differently on calories, according to their activity and hormones. In this article, you will know if all calories are the same or not.

Calories and Weight Gain

In case of weight gain, not all calories are the same. If you eat more you will gain weight as the excess energy converts into fat. It doesn't matter if it is good or bad calories, they will increase your weight if the amount you eat is greater than the amount you burn.

Calories and Weight Loss

Now, this is a completely different situation; the food you eat has great impact when it comes to fitness and weight loss. Even experts will advise you to separate junk or processed food.

Since the weight loss can be achieved only by eating clean such as good fats, lots of lean protein and fiber and minimum carbs. Besides, you also have to give up on refined sugar as it affects our insulin hormone.

On the other hand, eating foods and calories that are high in fiber, antioxidants, and protein will help feel satiated, which prevents overeating.

In this case, we use the calories that support weight loss, boost metabolism and help maintain the muscle mass. In other words, we use completely different calories.

Refined Calories Are Different

You should know that, refined foods increases the sugar level in the blood. It also increases the hunger so, you will eat more calories. Moreover, it doesn't provide any nutritional value, such as calories in sugar, as they are empty calories.

Remember that the amount of calories you need to eat depends on many factors such as, activity level, age, body weight and sex.

How does food affect calories?

Calories are a unit of energy. In this sense, they are equal. But when it comes to food they are different.

For example, some foods are very filling, such as eggs, bananas, and avocados, as they contain fiber, proteins, and healthy fats that quickly satisfy your hunger.

But other foods that have the same number of calories but are less satiating (sugar drinks, soda, cakes, and doughnuts) which leads to more calorie consumption.

Calories react differently inside the Body

Outside your body, all calories are same. But inside the body, they act differently according to type of the food.

When you eat healthy foods with right proportion, you can eat until you feel full without worrying, since they help to regulate your body function.

If you eat unhealthy food which contains more calories, you will realize that, such foods does not provide satiating effect. Therefore, eating a balanced diet is the best way to feel full and enjoy many other health benefits.

Calories Comparison

Here great comparisons are made between different types of calories for better understanding. For example, comparison between an energy drink vs egg or fish.

The energy drink contains only simple carbohydrates which can digest easily. Such calories are quickly absorbed by the blood, resulting blood sugar spikes.

Besides, the eggs or fish contains complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and fiber. All the nutrients digest slowly and increases the metabolism. Also, they help to keep your hunger at bay for a long time.


Foods with proteins, fibers and complex carbs help feel satiating also they help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Whether your goal is to lose or gain wait, always opt for healthy food and calories.

However, each food has different metabolic response. If your food contains enough fibers then you won't feel hungry for long time.

So we can say that, not all calories are the same or created equal, so be aware of what you eat.

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