What is Body Pump and it's Health Benefits


What is Body Pump?

If you want to train your full body within 45-60 minutes then body pump is a great alternative of weight training. It is also recommended to those who don't want to workout alone as body pump is a group exercise class.

Moreover, it offers numerous of health benefits similar to other training programs. The exercises are very intense which help muscle strengthening and body pump has specially designed to sculpt the body in a minimum amount of time.

It is developed by a fitness company "Les Mills" in the 1990s, this workout promises to burn calories, increase muscle mass, and help you get back in shape in a particular time period.

You will not get bored with body pump exercises because, workout with music prevent boredom. Ten songs make up a session, all music are joyful which, help motivate during training.

Different weights are used during exercises, there is also body weight exercises such as squats, core exercises, and push ups.

Benefits of Bodypump

1. Increases the bone density

Bone density are crucial for our body which help prevent bone related diseases. Body pump class mainly consist of exercises which help increase the bone mass.

Increased bone density also help prevent osteoporosis, lower back pain and, other bone related problems in older adults.

However, studies also says that, strength exercises help to maintain the bone density which reduces the risk of falls and injuries.

2. Increases the muscles Size

One of the main benefits of bodypump is muscle strengthening. No wonder, any exercises which put stress in your muscles help make them stronger. As body pump workout uses variety of exercise and weights, as well as moderate intensity which help grow the muscles.

3. Boost your Metabolism

While building muscles it also give a massive boost to your metabolism. The amount of muscles you build has direct impact on your metabolism, as muscle needs more energy.

After intense exercise, our satellite cells comes into action to rebuild and repair the muscle fibers, which breaks during the workout. The whole process consumes enough energy while resting.

4. You will burn fat faster

Because as mentioned above, there are two great benefits (build muscles and boosts metabolism) to your body. Also combination of different exercises burn almost 400-500 calories within 60 minutes.

After body pump class, your body will goes to calorie deficit mode, as a result, the body will use the reserved energy that comes from fat. Regular body pump workout increases the energy expenditure which help burn fat quickly.

5. Increases Muscle Strength

Increased strength can bring many advantages in our daily life. Thank to body pump which makes it possible to gain in strength in short duration.

Also different music help you perform better during workout. Therefore, it is the reason why changes will occur. These changes in music leads to changes in the performance, which encourages you to work harder.

6. Improves Balance and Stability

However, bodypump main purpose is to improve strength, muscles size, and burn fat, which is similar to weight training. But it also help improve the balance and stability of your body, because there will be many movement which requires better balance in order to maintain the proper form.

If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to maintain some of the movements. However, this should not be a problem. With time and regular practice, it will improve ability to maintain proper balance.

Other Benefits of Body Pump

  • Improves your flexibility as some exercises stretch the muscles.
  • This workout contributes to aerobic and anaerobic endurance.
  • As your overall muscles get stronger so, it can lowers the risk of injuries.
  • Tone your whole body, which increases the muscles definition.
  • Improves the cardiovascular health and lowers the bad cholesterols.
  • Make you feel happy as the brain releases endorphins that promotes feeling of happiness.

When to increase weights?

You can increase the weight gradually once you get stronger, or when the exercise is not challenging for you anymore. Progression is important part of any workout routine which help maximize the muscle growth and strength.

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