When you Miss Someone do they Miss you too?

miss someone

We share good memories with people (gf, bf, family or close friends). Over time, the distance increases as we all get busy with our lives, which is a bitter truth of life.

It's true that "people change, relationships end but there is one thing left, memories" and we miss those memories. You can feel indifferent by thinking all the past experiences with someone you loved.

Maybe you want to bring those people back to your life, to feel those emotions again. Then you may ask yourself "Do they miss me? Why did it all end? Could things have been different?" And so on.

When you miss someone that does not necessarily mean they will miss you or want to see you again in their life. But why we miss someone? You will know here everything.

Why we Miss Someone

Feeling of Loss

The loss of something could be a painful experience, which often make us miss someone. We tend to remember the memories (which could be good or bad) that happen in past.

However, there could be any reasons that creates distance between two people. But, we get attached to that persons, and, if you don't see them for a while, it often make us feel that we lost something in life.

Sometimes we don't want to miss the person, but your brain plays an important role because humans are emotional beings. Some people come into our lives for a limited time, they give us good and bad experiences.

But eventually everything will end. When we miss someone, because memories are present in our hearts and because of this we can continue to enjoy those wonderful moments.


Ever miss someone because of seeing a place where you used to hang out together? This is where the memories play crucial role. In our life most of the things are temporary.

Once we grown up we tend to focus more on ourselves and less on other people. If we want to re-live the same thing with the same person, everything will be different because people change, and move on which causes people hardly get together.

It could mean you can miss them but, you can't live those moments again. Allow yourself to feel it, but if it make you feel miserable, leave it aside, don't try to repeat or force something that no longer exists. You may miss someone, yes, but that doesn't mean they miss you too.

Over think about Someone

Past with someone may be full of amazing memories, moments, adventures, and experiences. It would not be a good thing to be stuck at that place. However, we still have many things to do and can make great memories again with new people.

So, let go these feelings that prevent us to move ahead. People who care will always be there for you and whenever they miss you will try to contact you.

If someone wants to move forward with you, just go with them instead of getting stuck in the past.

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