10 Benefits of not Wearing Makeup

No Makeup Benefits


Makeup is great for enhancing your skin tone, but in the long run, it can damage your skin. However, this article is not intended to oppose makeup wearers.

But, there are many natural methods that help improve skin tone, which not only prevents skin aging but also helps to keep your skin young.

Of course, you can hide your skin spots, pimples and wrinkles by applying makeup. And once you wipe your face, you will return to your original form.

However, overuse of makeup can harm your skin, as it can increase the risk of skin aging, such as dryness of the skin, dark circles and wrinkles.

Here are 10 benefits of not wearing makeup

1. You'll save a lot of money

The price of beauty products increases every year, which is enough to empty your pocket. Think about, if you stopped wearing makeup for one month, how much money you will save that you can use later for doing your favorites activities such as travelling.

Even study shows that an average woman spends enough money on makeup products. Women who like makeup tend to spend more; but, you can make a big change on your budget after you stop using makeup for a few days or weeks.

2. Saves time

It takes your enough time to wear proper makeup, depending on how complex the daily makeup routine is, you will probably save about 10-15 minutes each morning or daily.

Not only in the morning, but also you will save time during the night as there will be no makeup to wipe off the face. Moreover, you can use this extra time to prepare your favorite dish, being on time for lunch, you can even read a book or helping a friend.

3. The compliment will be genuine

It is another great advantage of not wearing makeup; when someone looks at your beauty and praises you, you can be sure that they are praising you and not your makeup skill.

Because when you don't put on makeup, it reveals your true beauty. So any compliment will be genuine and it will make you feel great.

4. You will learn to accept yourself as you are

Accepting yourself is a big thing in itself, because it helps you to be confident in any situation. If you are wearing it every day, then you might have forgotten what it is like to feel the sunlight on your face. It is good to feel the sun rays, as it can give you a different feel, but do not forget to apply sunscreen on your face.

5. Your skin will get fresh oxygen

Wearing makeup closes the pores of the skin, which prevents the skin's ability to breathe. You may also find that your complexion is improving, as your skin will be able to breathe fresh oxygen throughout the day.

Of course, makeup can hide the pores and imperfections of your skin, but it also has some disadvantages that you should consider.

6. Others will find you more attractive

No wonder, most people can be attracted to a pretty face with good makeup. But it never lasts long, because looking good is not enough to attract a person, there are many things that matter the most.

There is much more than that such as, your behavior, kindness, character, and good attitude. These important qualities do not need any make-up. They will be appreciated by those around you and will make you naturally attractive.

7. You'll able to maintain long lasting relationship

Women who do not wear makeup are really rare, and such women know who they really are. This quality is very important when it comes to relationship.

If a person feels attraction for you it means that he is attracted to your natural beauty, and you know it. Which makes easy for the person to accept you (as you are). Moreover, it shows that you have enough self-confidence.

This type of relationship is more likely to be long-lasting because others will able to see you as you are.

8. You can have fun without worrying about your makeup

One more benefit of not applying makeup is that, you will be able to laugh until tears come out to your cheek, and still you won't look like a horror movie character. No more stains or eye makeup to worry about, that means you can actually enjoy yourself to the fullest.

9. You will be more confident

We all know that no one is perfect, but once you accept this you will feel much better. People will appreciate for who you are. It shows that, they like their body and face, the way they are.

They do not try to hide their small flaws. They ignore them because they already know that this is not the most important thing.

10. Restore your natural beauty

When you stop wearing makeup, you will take care about your skin by using natural or homemade products. Moreover, you will be more careful about your outfit, and accessories.

Once you opt for natural face pack, oils or a healthy diet, it will help make your skin look beautiful.

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