What to do when Someone is Ignoring you

ignoring someone

Being ignored by a friend, lover or someone close to you can be one of the worst feelings ever. It can really hurt you, especially when they are your boyfriend or girlfriend.

It doesn't matter how many times you were there for someone, whenever you need them you might heard excuses like; I'm busy, I don't have time, etc.

The more they ignore you, the more likely you will chase them. This happens in all kinds of relationships, especially when you love someone and they know you're not going anywhere.

Mistakes like pleading, and trying to be nice to them won't work in such case. There are many ways that help you become valuable so you can get back their attention.

Why does someone ignore you

There are numerous reasons that you should know:

  • Sometimes the one you love doesn't want you or feels any connection.
  • They don't respect you, because you will never ignore the people you respect.
  • They think you don't add any values to their life. Some people only wants benefits from you and if you have nothing to offer, they will lose interest.
  • Maybe they are busy with their lives or want to focus on themselves in the present moment.
  • They want space so they can find out what they really feel about you.
  • They're about to break up with you. This can happen when someone suddenly stops contacting you. They may have been thinking about it for a long time, but don't know how to say that because they don't want to hurt you.

What to do when someone ignores you

Stop Reaching them

When we like someone or want them in our life, they will always initiate the contact. But if they do opposite then you should walk away because it will save your self-respect.

You should always watch these signs to understand if someone is just using you

  • The person only makes contact with you when they want to. When they don't, they don't show up. So, this person is using you.
  • They suddenly change their plans or the date you had planned together, so they are not into you as much as you are into them.
  • The conversation seems to be one sided or they respond with single word.
  • You are not their priority or they just treat you as an option.

Focus on yourself

The best way to distract yourself is you should start doing your own things so it will prevent you from thinking about them. It's time to learn some great skills that will help you become more valuable and attractive person.

Things you can do to distract yourself:

  • Gym: first thing is to improve your physique so other can find you more attractive.
  • Reading: Learn something new or improve your knowledge so people will find you more interesting.

Let them go

Begging or pleading won't work if they lost interest in you. All you can do is cut them off and walk away. People notice that when you stop reaching them out or start doing better without them. And guess what? they will be the one who reaches out when you become high value person.

Stay strong

Life is all about ups and downs and pain is necessary to become a better version of yourself.

You have to let go the things you can't control. All you can do is stay calm and control your emotions. Don't try to manipulate someone who lost attraction and respect for you.

Starting a new relationship or friendship is much easier than fixing a bad one.

Bottom line

Not hearing from from someone is already a message. It may seem surprising, but someone who doesn't make any efforts or ignores you is already sending you a message: the person is clearly saying that "I don't want you". However, the reasons may be personal or specific to their personality, they will prefer to remain silent rather than explaining why they ignoring you.

So, remain calm and start improving yourself, eventually you will find the person who loves and values you.

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