I Don't Love my Husband but I Can't Leave: What to do?

i don't love my husband

Over time, most relationships turn into boring one especially after marriage. There are many reasons that can make you feel less attracted towards your husband.

Therefore, you don't feel interest in him anymore. And once the attraction is gone you won't be nice to him, no intimacy, or there will be no fights or arguments between you.

But, it could be difficult to leave your husband after having children. So what can you do if you don't love your husband anymore?

Tell him about your feelings

The first thing you can do is tell him everything, that you lost your feelings for him. Because after marriage most men stop improving themselves.

If he loves you, there is a possibility that your husband may try to improve himself. When you see a better version of your husband it will automatically regain your attraction for him.

Think about Children's

Of course you should think about them "what will happen to your children after separation?" If you are still unhappy with your husband then put your children first. Separation can affect your children's mental health.

This way you can still be a happy family even if you don't love your husband.

Don't be selfish

If you are thinking about divorce because you lost feelings for him, it means you are putting your needs first. However, ups and downs are part of a relationship but there are many things that will help. Discuss with your husband before taking any decision so you both can find a way to solve this issue.

Things that Help Regain Attraction

Make future goals with him

Future goals play an important role in a husband and wife's relationship. If you don't have any goals then your relationship will die soon because you have nothing to do together.

Future goals will help you stay connected with your husband. If you want your relationship to last longer then talk to your husband about your future goals and work together so you can develop feelings for him again.

Go on a vacation trip

This is a very effective method which can help get back your feelings for him. Spending time together is a very important part of any relationship. So, discover new places together which can help you feel alive again.

Visiting new places helps us feel connected with each other because, when you do something exciting it help you feel happier due to the release of dopamine.

And this feel good hormone helps strengthen the bond between two people.

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