Is it Normal to Lose Feelings in a Relationship?

lose feelings in relationship

It's not only about love, but everything at the beginning seems to be perfect. Even, when we buy a new car or smartphone how exciting it is?

And, over time we tend to get bored of that stuff because, we always want something new and exciting. The exact same thing happen in relationship, which allows us to lose feelings for someone.

But, is it normal to lose feelings in relationship? Why do distance increases in relationship? In this article you will know everything.

Feelings fade over time

Love cannot exist without feelings; it doesn't matter how much time you spend together, or make memories. In the end when you find someone better than your partner, you will lose those feelings. Therefore, in most cases breakups or divorce happen in relationship.

So, the feelings of love can gradually fade away after several years of relationship, and one day it will disappear.

People change

When people change and focus more on themselves than their partner. It's also important for our survival because you can't always depends on someone. And, once you start thinking about yourself it increases the distance. Sometimes the change can be beneficial in relationship, but mostly it creates distance.

Lack of communication

Communication is the key for healthy relationship because it allows you to share feelings, and your needs. It help understand each other and, you can fix any problem together. Lack of communication will lead to misunderstandings which can damage the relationship and eventually you will lose the feelings.

Loss of attraction

There are many reasons; but when you don't feel attracted towards your partner then you will immediately lose feelings. Mostly this happens when you spend time with someone and develop feelings for them. Therefore, your attraction level and, this feeling of love will disappear.

Lack of trust

It is difficult to get over; if your partner did something betraying at past. Of course, you will forgive then, but it will always remain in your mind. Sometimes couples can overcome them, sometimes it's difficult to move forward. Some wounds may be very deep which cannot be heal, and breaking up is the most effective solution.

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