13 Ways to Stop Thinking About Someone

thinking about someone

It's extremely difficult to stop thinking of someone you love. In life we all go through tough time such as; breakup, new lover doesn't respond to text or call, and being friend zone by crush.

Such incidents are very painful, that constantly reminds you about someone you love. You might wonder "Why can't I stop thinking about them?" Worst thing is; the more you try to stop thinking about someone, the more you think about them.

If you don't know how to control emotions; there are many ways that will help stop thinking about them forever.

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How to Stop Thinking about Someone

1. Prepare yourself

The first and important step is to get ready to move on. If you are not ready then nothing will work; No matter how much you try.

So, make a decision that you are ready to move on. Tell yourself, you need to get out from this situation, even if you are not ready. Sometimes, we have to take tough decisions for a better life.

2. No social media stalking

If you keep checking their social media profile; you will miss them more. It is necessary to block them from everywhere because, one notification is enough to remind you everything about them. Unfollow, unsubscribe and unfriend them.

Checking them, will slow down the process, Don't care; with who are they going out or what they are doing. Do yourself a favor; by deleting or blocking them on social media.

3. Forget those memories

Memories are the main reason that makes us think about them. It reminds everything about past which, makes it difficult to move on. Remove any items that remind you of them; such as gifts, or photos.

Although, if these items are costly then you don't need to throw them away. You can put them in a box or any secure place. Overtime, your emotions will fade about that stuff.

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4. Accept the fact

Accept it, that you can't be together again. Knowing this will help you stop thinking about them. Therefore, let go whatever bothers you because your peace and happiness is very important than someone who doesn't care about you.

5. Never ever contact them again

Everyone go through this; you may be eager to contact them and fill yourself with those feelings. Do not fall into this trap, as it will never help. Instead, ignore them to keep yourself on track.

Don't text, call or message them and limit your contact as much as possible. If you really need to communicate with this person for other reasons, consider appointing a friend as a mediator. If this person needs to send you a message, they can send it to your friend.

6. Be busy

Staying busy is a best way to distract your mind from such things. If you want to focus solely on yourself, then you can do whatever you want such as reading, working on your hobbies etc.

7. Don't be lazy

Don't sit at home all day and think about this person. Go out and experience the new things alone or with other people such as friends or family member.

Even better, Do something different that you never did before (when this person was in your life). It will let you know about your strength and, the fact that you can still enjoy yourself without them.

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8. Distract your mind

If you are not willing to go out, try something which help stop thinking about them. You can try it; close your eyes, focus on breathing and imagine a place you like.

You can also, talk to your friend about upcoming event or plan a road trip to calm your mind. Also, read books or watch something on TV or Netflix.

Transfer your mind to somewhere else, and you don't even remember about this person.

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9. Love yourself

The only person who can fix himself is you. Other people is not responsible for your happiness. You don't have to feel guilty for what happened. The relationship is about the understanding and consent of two people, and it is not your responsibility to take all the blame. Also, there is no point in hating yourself and feeling sad about why it ended.

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10. Forgive and forget

This is really difficult, but important which makes things easier. If someone hurt you in any way; don't get angry else you will end up thinking about them. Plus, anger will make it harder to forget about someone.

So, best thing is forgive and forget, the sooner you do it the better it gets.

11. Go out with friends

Be with people who make you feel happy and great in life. This is the time to reconnect with your friends whom you had not met in a long time.

12. Value yourself

Sometimes, you may think that being with them can make you happy again. But, one of the worst things is to look for external things to be happy. You need to be happy with yourself as it comes from within.

Therefore, you need to value yourself more than others. It also help attract new people in your life.

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13. Travel

If you need a break, take some time off and go out with a good friend and a have some fun. New places and new memories make you forget everything about them.

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