100 Things to do When You're Bored


Sometimes we all get bored especially when you don't know what to do. For some people doing nothing and relaxing can be better feeling. But sometimes it could be totally opposite; if you don't know what to do during free time, you will get bored.

You may feel like; why this day so long? How long this boring day will lasts? These are the most common thoughts comes to your mind when you're bored. The only solution for this problem is stop thinking and do something to keep yourself busy.

How can I Stop Myself from Getting Bored?

Boredom is a kind of state of mind. However, we have many things to do but we limit our ability to think because we are bored. But, it could be a great opportunity to try something new during that free time. If you keep yourself busy and focus on something, you'll never be bored again.

There are many activities that help to stay busy and pass the time, also you can use those time to know yourself. However if you are not sure; here i have a great list of 100 things that prevent boredom.

I recommend you to choose one or more activities if you have more time, and remember that don't stick to the single activity for a long time, try different things to keep yourself busy.

All these things will help to pass the time, and increase your productivity. Doing your favorite activities, can help keep boring thoughts away. Being busy can prevent staring at clock which help to calm mind and most importantly you will not bored.

Activities to do When you're Bored

1. Organize and clean your room.

2. Leave your phone at home and go for a walk.

3. Invite your friends or family and Prepare a cake for them.

4. Draw something in a sketchbook

5. Try new clothes and hairstyles

6. Buy shoes.

7. Make yourself a good meal.

8. Write your goals and achievements in a notebook.

9. Do some laundry, Wash your clothes and arrange them properly.

10. Organize your study room or bookshelf.

11. Buy dumbbells and do a workout to build some muscles.

12. Move furniture around the house.

13. Clean the house from floor to ceiling.

14. Join gym or sports academy, great opportunity to meet new people.

15. Clear you unused mobile storage such as unnecessary photos or uninstall rarely used apps.

16. Listening to an audio book.

17. Checking up on a friend who hasn't been called you from long time.

18. Check your finances and find a way to save more money.

19. Clean your computer and update apps to latest version.

20. Learn how to make good homemade smoothies.

21. Polish your nails, it will make you feel satisfied.

22. Do new and trendy hairstyles, it is very time consuming which keeps you busy.

23. Do some social work or help other people.

24. Get a haircut.

25. Experiment with new hairstyles.

26. Apply homemade face masks.

24. Clean your make-up brushes.

25. Take pictures and edit them to improve your editing skills.

27. Take pictures outside with different settings to improve your photography skills.

28. Take selfies and compare which one is best.

29. Watch YouTube; Clips, news, funny videos.

30. Improve your brain by playing chess, code puzzles, sudoku and puzzles.

31. Call your close friend and make an appointment for a coffee to have a great time.

32. Go swimming at the nearest swimming pool.

33. Do some research about different animals.

34. Go for run and challenge yourself to break your previous record.

35. Go for bike ride.

36. Do some yoga poses; yoga is a great way to distract your bored mind.

37. Do some research for upcoming events.

38. Write comments on your friend's old photos, it would be fun.

39. Create an Instagram account for your pet and post some great stuff to go viral on internet.

40. Buy something you've wanted for a long time.

41. Organize a picnic.

42. Drink green tea.

43. Listen to a new style of music or new songs.

44. Update your CV, make sure it's up to date.

45. Make a chart of your future plans.

46. Take a bath. With lots of bubbles! And above all, relax.

47. If you are single; create your profile on online dating site.

48. Meditate to reduce stress, to improve your heart, mind and breathing.

49. Draw a sketch of your loved one.

50. Write a poem.

51. Wash your windows.

52. Clean your dirty pillows.

53. Practicing positive thinking.

54. Feed something to street dogs.

55. Go to an amusement park.

56. Do part time online jobs to earn some money.

57. Buy some online courses that improve your skills.

58. Organize a party.

59. Learn to play a new instrument such as guitar or piano.

60. Play with your pet.

61. Write an e-book and publish online to earn money.

62. Take a dance class.

63. Draw a tattoo on your sketchbook.

64. Go to a festival.

65. Talk with strangers and make new friends.

66. Wash your shoes.

67. Buy new clothes.

68. Visit a museum or cafe.

69. Sit alone in a park bench and observe other people.

70. Mowing the lawn.

71. Do some stretching to care your muscles and body.

72. Listen to a podcast or read the press.

73. Write a journal.

74. Open an old photo album and think back to those happy memories.

75. Learn new things such as language or different skills.

76. Plant trees in your garden or create a little indoor jungle.

77. Do online shopping.

78. Read a book or success stories to keep yourself motivated.

79. Plan a dinner with your friends.

80. Go to bed early or take a nap.

81. Do a five minutes of workout session.

82. Listen relaxing melodies to calm your mind.

83. Eat a healthy salad to maintain your weight.

84. Take a 30 days challenge to improve fitness and keep yourself busy.

85. Give a hug to a loved one; great for starting an interesting conversation with them.

86. Smile at every person you meet.

87. Learn how to pose for photos.

88. Look for a new job.

89. Eating on the terrace.

90. Change your Facebook profile picture.

91. Repaint your room.

92. Buy fresh vegetables and fruit at the market.

93. Hangout with your friends is the best way to prevent boredom.

94. Improve your flirting skills.

95. Know the meaning of your dreams.

96. Read motivational or love quotes.

97. Go to a concert.

98. Have a karaoke night with friends.

99. Take care of your feet.

100. Order a pizza.

Do More Activities to Prevent getting bored

Different activities is great way to ease your stress and prevent boredom. Instead of sitting and watching tv you can do above things to which makes you feel great for whole day. You can also play sports and learn how to prepare healthy meals. It only takes less than an hour to do all these activities which help you feel satisfied with your day without being bored.

However, there is no need to spend a whole hour any single activity; You can list things one by one before doing anything, write down what you want to do on a paper and also write how much time you want to spend on a particular activity. This way you will able to keep yourself busy. It's the perfect remedy when you're bored

Although, not everyone feel comfortable spending time alone, best thing is, you should learn how to love yourself without getting bored.

By doing above things you will never get bored.

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