11 Green Tea health Benefits Including Skin, Acne & More

green tea benefits for skin and health

Green tea has variety of health benefits, In this article you will know all the beauty and health benefits of green tea.

The green tea is consumed by many people across globe because of its antioxidants and nutrition properties. Green tea contains polyphenols that are found in plants such as fruits, vegetables, teas and wine which offers various health benefits.

The antioxidants presents in green tea are known as catechins which helps for preventing different types of cancers, liver, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

Green tea are more beneficial than black or oolong teas because of the different oxidation process. This tea also beneficial for improving your skin tone and skin related ageing.

Green Tea Health Benefits

Here are the list of green tea benefits although, more research needed to confirm the health benefits of green tea.

1. Green Tea May Reduce Bad Breath

There are various causes of bad breath such as oral infection, health related problems, poor hygiene, mouth or dental infections and so on.

Green tea contains catechins that are effective for reducing your bad breath and beneficial for your oral health.

Bacterial infections also cause bad breath such as throat infection. Green tea catechins shows that it has some antibacterial activities which prevent bacterial growth.

Another study shows that antioxidants present in green tea is beneficial for oral health because it can stop bacterial growth. 

But need more research to confirm the effects of green tea for oral health.

2. Green Tea Good for Burning fat

Green tea are natural weight loss enhancer, it also present in most of the fat burning supplement as it increases your metabolic rate which helps you to burn fat.

A study shows that drinking green tea has small weight loss effect in overweight and obese adults. However, another study shows that green tea may not effective to boost your metabolism. 

It's still unclear that green tea improves your metabolism and support fat loss as some studies not agree with that.

3. Green Tea May Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

In adults type 2 diabetes are most common, according to WHO about 422 million people have diabetes.

In type 2 diabetes your blood sugar level elevates because of insulin resistance or your body not producing insulin.

A study shows that green tea consumption may reduce fasting glucose (blood sugar level) and help to improve insulin sensitivity.

Green tea consumption help to control blood sugar levels and prevents high insulin spike.

4. Green Tea Contains Antibacterial and Antiviral

Viruses and bacteria are the causes of various infections such as common cold, flu, throat infection and many more. Viruses may responsible for acute and chronic infectious diseases.

Green tea catechins (ECEG) polyphonic compounds found in the camellia sinensis leaves that are beneficial against various diseases. 

A study shows that green tea antioxidants catechins (ECEG) are effective on various viruses. 

Catechins that are found in green tea have antimicrobial effects too which may inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Green tea may help inhibits the growth of many diseases.

5. Green tea Antioxidants Lower The Risk Of Cancers

Cancer is the abnormal cell growth and major health problem across the globe.

Green tea contains bio-active compounds that provide many health benefits. Green tea antioxidants protect your cell from damage and help to fight cancers.

Study shows that prolonged oxidative stress lead to chronic inflammation and chronic diseases including cancers.

A research shows that phenolic compounds from green tea such as ECEG have anticancer activities.

6. May Improve Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health

Cardiovascular disease such as heart attack, stroke, and chest pain are the leading cause of death. Oxidative stress causes vascular damage and various cardiovascular diseases.

Antioxidants are effective that protect you from oxidative stress such as, protecting cells from damage, reduce the free radicals in the body.

A study shows that antioxidants are effective for reducing oxidative stress and beneficial for your cardiovascular health.

Another study shows that regular consumption of green tea benefits your metabolic and cardiovascular health.

Studies show that consumption of green tea improves your cardiovascular and metabolic health and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

7. Reduce High Blood Pressure and Bad Cholesterol

Regular consumption of green tea may beneficial for reducing high blood pressure and lower the bad cholesterol.

Green Tea Benefits for Skin

Drinking green tea regularly may improve your skin condition and has many benefits for your skin.

8. Slow Down Skin Related Ageing

Dehydration causes your skin lose elasticity that increases the wrinkles on your skin and make you look dull.

A study shows that green tea is beneficial for skin as it moisturize your skin and reduces skin roughness.

Drinking green tea regularly helps you to stay hydrated and improve your skin elasticity that prevents skin related ageing.

Green tea also uses in cosmetics products because of its antioxidants properties. Applying green tea mask may help to moisturize your skin, improve elasticity and slow down skin ageing.

9. May Reduce Skin Acne

Acne are the most common problem among teenager but it can occur in any age group.

But ECEG from green tea may prevent skin condition such as acne.

Studies show that tea polyphenols helps to reduce sebum production and acne severity.

10. Help to Control Oily Skin

Green tea contains anti androgenic properties and the polyphenolic compounds in green tea helps to regulate androgen in the body. 

As green tea control your androgens which helps to reduce sebum production or oil in the skin.

11. Make Your Skin Glow Naturally

Because green tea is loaded with antioxidants that are helpful for removing free radicals in the body. Antioxidants also help to remove sun tan which makes your skin healthy, glowing and younger.


Drinking green tea has various health benefits. To improve your health makes green tea part of your life. But do your own research if you want to use green tea for medicinal purpose.

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