Why You Look Fat In Photos (Picture) - The Real Reason

Do cameras make you look fatter?


I look good in mirror but, why fatter in photos or am I really that fat? We often ask ourselves this question when we look at photos or picture of ourselves. Here you will know exactly why people in photos often look chubby than they really are and tips that make you look slimmer in photos.

When looking at oneself daily in the mirror, we acquire a image of our external appearance, which looks thinner than our real appearance. It is because we get used to that mental image as we see our self in mirror every day.

The fact is; no one likes their picture (especially ID cards) is because you know yourself best, so looking at a picture of yourself is like looking at a bad copy.

Distance play important role

The focal length of a camera's lens determines how you appear in picture. For example, if the photographer chooses a bigger lens instead of a small lens, the person in photo can appear much rounder. The reason is an optical curvature, also called "barrel distortion". This makes the head appear disproportionately small, but the rest of the body appears big.

When you look in the mirror you stand close, also you see yourself from eye level. But when you take a picture at a normal distance it is not that you look wider, but that you see yourself from different angle. Difference is you are not used to that image. That's why you find yourself fatter in pictures.

Choose right lens

If you want to look slimmer in photos then the right lens will help. To avoid such effects, you should simply choose a medium focal length lens for an SLR camera. 20 - 50 mm would be great for portrait and full body shots.

Change the camera angle

Some camera angles also make you appear fat in photos, such as taking picture from below which makes you look much bigger than you are. Taking photos from too close also produces same effect in photos, such angles should be avoided. If you are taking selfies then you should position your camera slightly above head or eye level which helps you look slimmer in photos

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Change the pose

How you pose will give you different results. If you see images of models they often take pictures from side view because it makes us look slimmer. Don't stand right in front of cameras as it makes you look bigger than you are. And give a smile, because a good photo becomes a memory that makes us feel happy.

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