11 Benefits of waking up early morning


We all know that waking up early has many advantages. Every person has their different sleep and waking routine, some prefer waking up at 4 am while others may vary, depending on their routine.

It doesn't matter if you are a student, fitness freak, or a lazy person. If your goal is to bring some changes in your lifestyle then waking up early could be an ideal option for you.

However, there are no direct health benefits, but waking up early allows you to change your poor lifestyle that will bring many unexpected advantages in your life.

1. You will get extra time

Many people complain about they don't have enough time for doing any extra activity, because of their busy schedule. In fact, when you wake up early you will get a massive time boost for doing those activities that you love.

If you wake up at 8 am every day, try to getting up at 6 am this will add extra 2 hours in your day and 14 hours a week, which is enough for working on yourself. Want more time? Just replace 6 am with 5 or 4.30 am, you will even get more time.

2. You can do your favorite sports activity

Gym or home workout, a yoga session in your favorite room, you can do your cardio exercises such as running, cycling or jogging. Starting your morning with these activities has many advantages for your physical and mental health. Exercise boosts your mood and energy, while reducing your mental stress.

Of course, you can do them at any time but, after waking up, our muscles recover and energy levels get restored compared to other times.

However, sometimes I skip my workout because something came up in between. This will probably not happen to you in the early morning.

3. No disturbance

There are many distractions that affect our mental health. But when you wake up early morning there will no cars on the road, no TV noise at home or screaming of your children or wife.

The early morning duration are so peaceful and calming. Even the birds whistle will help you feel good, which improves the mood and focus. It is my favorite time of the day. You can also enjoy this time while reading your favorite book.

4. Getting up early is good for your mood.

It has proven in studies that people who get up earlier have better mood than those who get up late. It is because they follow a fixed sleep and waking schedule which play important role in your mental and physical recovery.

Take benefits of these extra hours to make a list of your goals for the day, or you can do something productive for yourself. A few minutes of meditation can also relieve anxiety and stress.

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5. Being on time

If you get up early, it would be much easier for you to be on time for meetings or appointments. If you are late, it reflects negative image. On the other hand, you will also get some extra time to prepare for meetings or presentations.

Nobody likes the rush hour; you may avoid the biggest traffic if you go to your workplace earlier. Thus, you will get more time for yourself. Your boss also respects you for being on time.

6. Positive mindset

Positive mindset is important for success; it allows you to think better which help to turn your ideas into reality. Might be you're not a morning person, but if you replace your old habit with new one, it will motivate you to do new things in life. If you want to see changes in yourself, waking up early could be the first step that fills your life with positive energy.

7. Improves productivity

During the morning time i feel more productive. Most of my blog article, i write during morning or whenever I want to publish more than one blog post. I often write short articles at morning time, (which takes nearly 2-3 hours to finish).

If you have so much work then you can also use this strategy to get your work done on time. so, you can enjoy evening with your friends or family without much worried about your work.

8. You can enjoy the nature

Nowadays people are less connected to nature, but when you connect with nature's beauty, it can help make your day better. As there is no external noise present at early morning, so you can feel the nature much better that time.

You can take a walk with your dog which helps to lower your stress. It will also gives you a great opportunity to connect and meet with new people, as there will be many people out there who loves to wake up at early morning.

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9. Encourages you to eat healthy food

By becoming a morning person, you will have much time to prepare a healthy and balanced breakfast that will satisfy you and reduce your cravings during the day.

People who workout at early morning, more likely eat healthy and organic food. But when you wakes up late more likely you will eat processed or instant food which is not a healthy choice.

10. You can work on your goals

If you have a goal but don't know where to start or which time is better to work on them? When you wake up early you can get enough time to think and act on them. And every morning you should think about, what you should do today to get a little bit closer to your goal. If you can do that, do it in the morning, so you can focus on your rest of the day without feeling worried about your goal.

11. Good for students

Students who wakes up early they most likely get much better grades because, morning people follow discipline in their life that help them to become a better students. Also they reach at their class on right time.

A 2008 study at the University of Texas showed that those who get up early had scores one point higher than those who get up late.

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