Does Eating Salad Make you Lose Weight?


Eating salad everyday is considered as the best option that help lose weight. But does it really work? The answer will be "yes or no" which depends on many factors such as the type of salad diet you are eating or how many calories you are consuming everyday through salad.

However, eating salad everyday is a good way to satisfy your hunger. The fact is, only salad alone will not help lose weight. But when people follow a diet; they believe, this is the only way to lose weight which is not true in most cases.

Does Eating Salad Everyday Help you Lose Weight?

It depends on the type of salad or ingredients

If you consuming fewer calories with salad then chances you will lose weight. Addition of raw and fresh vegetables would be good for your health. Too much oil, fats and processed food should be avoided else you will not get the benefits.

It would be great if you add fruits such as kiwi, apple, cucumber, carrot and tomato instead of processed carbs. Most important, (if you love fruit salad) avoid any fruits that are high in calories such as avocado, banana, and figs.

Avoid seasoning salad

Although, it tastes good but it will add more calories which is not good if you are trying to lose weight. And there are more processed products you should avoid, such as sauce, mayonnaise or ketchup or even don't add salt because it increases the sodium intake.

However, you can make it more beneficial by using extra-virgin olive oil and little quantity of vinegar or lemon juice. There are many natural ingredients you can add such as fat free yoghurt and herbs such as peppermint leaves, coriander leaves or basil to enhance the taste.

Vegetables based salad will help lose weight

Vegetables are the great source of antioxidants, fiber and minerals, also it contains low amount of calories. Never add any refined carbs in salad; such as rice or pasta, instead you should add more vegetables like lettuce leaves or cabbage which contains plenty of nutrients that improve your health.

Stop eating salad at restaurant

You should make it by your own, the salad you eat outside could be calorie dense because ingredients like sauce, fat, oils, creams and salt will add more calories in it. To lose weight with slimming diet such as salad you should make it by yourself according to your calories requirement.

Protein rich salad will help

Protein will help to preserve muscle mass and keep your hunger away for long duration, which help reduce the calories consumption. Protein also takes more time to digest. You can add eggs and slices of meat, but don't add too much, so you will get their benefits by incorporating them into your salads.

Don't only depend on salad to lose weight

However, salad are the best way to reduce your calories intake, which also provides nutrients and promotes better health. But losing weight with diet will make you lose muscle mass which can slow down your metabolism.

You should add regular exercises in your routine that will keep your muscle mass, help burn extra fat and make you stronger. Avoid salad at lunch time, instead eat foods that help to curb your appetite. Salad works great when you replace it with breakfast (which contains processed food).

Salad without too much oil, with lots of herbs, nuts and thin slices of meat, will help you feel satiated and promotes weight loss.

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