Do 30 Day Challenges Work? Know Here


30 days challenges are really popular which claims amazing results at the end of the challenge. However, there are different types of exercises you can do at home to improve health.

Here you have to choose single or multiple exercises such as squats challenge, plank and variations or push ups for 1 month. Such challenges often seen on social media, and the amazing results motivates people to participate.

30 days challenges are very common during summer days or at new year. But, do 30 day challenges actually work or help you get back in shape for summer vacation? You will know here everything.

Does it Really Change your Body?

If you are inactive for a long time, it could be great for you to get back in fitness routine. Moreover, it also help you stay motivated because, you know after 30 days, you will be completely different than before.

It is proven in researches that, when we follow a routine for few days it becomes our habit which help to change the lifestyle. Although, you don't have to workout for long hours, it is better to begin with 10-15 minutes of exercise every day.

When you take this challenge it allows you to move everyday, rather than following an unhealthy lifestyle. Such challenges are good for health because, they force you to get off the couch for a workout. So, it is good for you, which will help stay in shape and keep you healthy.

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30 Day Challenges Help Improve Fitness

Doing a particular exercise for 30 days will make your muscles stronger. If you doing a 30 days plank challenge then it will improve your overall core and upper body strength. Want to strengthen your lower body? Squats challenge will help to tone your lower body and build muscle.

However, it is difficult to follow a fitness routine for long time. But, 30 day challenges are easy to follow because each day you will notice improvement, which allows you to stay focused on your goal.

Things to Remember during 30 day Challenges

Of course, you will not achieve everything with 30-day challenges. If you really want to enjoy this and wants to get the best out of it, you have to keep few things in your mind.

It is not a complete Fitness Program

You can't expect everything in just 30 days. You will not get those shredded body or bigger buttocks as you seen in social media. To lose weight and get those sexy body, it takes much time and disciplined lifestyle.

However, once you finish 30 days challenge, might be it will encourages you to take more difficult challenges. When you combine workout with healthy diet, it will take almost 3 months to notice changes in your muscle definition.

Always Maintain Correct Form

The most important part of 30 day challenges; if you are a beginner or doing a plank or squats first time, then it would be difficult to maintain a proper form which help lowers the risk of injury.

You can place mirror in front of you to watch your form or perform fewer repetitions, you can also watch video tutorial. Good form help you get more benefits and better results from 30 days challenges.

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Focus only Same Exercises

When you take this challenge you have to focus only same exercises for example, plank or squats. If you holding a plank pose for 20 seconds in day one then increase 3 seconds more in next day, which could be boring.

This is not a complete workout program so you will not get full body benefits with 30 days challenges. Planks mostly target your core muscles and squats work on your leg muscles. So, you can't train your other muscles, if you want to work on your full body try this 5 minutes exercises at home.

Never Stop Working out

Once you finished 30 days challenge then it would be much better to start new challenge. This way you will able to change your personality completely. Unfortunately, many people stop after 30 days because they didn't get that much results.

Good things and results takes some time, so it's better to maintain consistency and start new challenge.

The Results and Benefits of 30 Day challenges

  • Improves your strength
  • You will able to fall asleep faster.
  • You will lose weight when followed healthy diet.
  • Improved energy levels and metabolism.
  • Encourages you to follow healthy lifestyle.
  • Lowers your stress levels, better mood and focus.

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