Do Dreams come true? Know here


Do you want to know which dreams come true? Is it right, to have good or bad dreams? Here's full information about the secret of dreams.

Dreams which we see at night or early morning, can directly affect your life. Therefore, it is important to know what your dreams are trying to tell you.

Everyone can have different opinions about dreams. Some people believe that the dreams of the morning are more likely to be true, especially the dream of 7 o'clock.

Many people start investigating the meanings and things they saw in their dreams, just after waking up.

Which Dreams Come True

What are Precognitive Dreams?

Such kind of dreams are rare which can give idea and can provide clues for future events. Although, future dreams does not prove in most cases.

Does the dream really point to the future?

The future or precognitive dreams indicate upcoming events, i.e. a dream, which will come true later in real life. For example, some events, a place where you never went before, or an unknown person who later appears somewhere.

In such dreams, the time between the dream scenario, and the actual event are uncertain. For example, one night you can dream that you are unexpectedly promoted, which can happen in the next day or week. However, most cases the promotion could not even happen in months or years.

Thus, future dreams are identified when such things actually happens in your life. And, like all other dreams, it can only be remembered and can be repeated.

If there will be more time interval between the dream and the actual event, then there is a greater chance that the dreams may actually come true. Apart from this, our dreams always have a realistic basis, which increases the possibility that this dream will actually come true.

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Why do we have Dreams?

Our brain has two areas "Temporoparietal Junction and Medial Prefrontal Cortex", which is responsible for the sensitivity of the external environment. According to researchers, these parts of the brain are more active in those who remember their dreams.

Therefore, it may be active during sleep and you will dream that you are thinking most of the time or before sleeping. Those who dream long period of time, often get up from sleep, compared to small dreamers.

And so, they remember their dreams much better. In fact, the sleeping brain is not able to remember new information, we have to wake up to remember a dream. The big dreamers are conscious during their sleep.

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