Why does Front Camera Flip the Picture?

taking selfie with iphone

Photos and videos taken with the front camera can be reverse or flip. Does your iPhone automatically reverse your selfies? Here you will find the reasons and tips that help fix your photos.

Although, taking a perfect selfie is not an easy, and when you see the picture, you might wonder why the photo is flipping all the time.

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Why do selfies reverse?

However, when you take the picture with front camera; the selfies are not really reversed. In fact, once you press the shutter, your final photo actually turns out to be the right way around. Therefore, your selfie represents what you look like when you take the picture.

Another reason is; when mirror effect is on, the selfie image is in the opposite direction. Therefore, the picture you see will be flip or reverse.

When the mirror effect is off, the image will look exactly to the actual photo. Therefore, the picture will be similar as you see in the screen.

Besides, many iPhone user don't like the flipped image. Unfortunately, in default camera, iPhone do not have, mirror reflection feature.

But, you can use third-party applications to take selfies, which allows you to disable this mirror effect or retouch and edit your photos.

Solution for other smartphone users

When the front camera is in use, tap the settings icon in the upper or lower right corner, which allows you to change camera settings. Then turn mirror mode "on or off" as needed. In some smartphones you will find this option as "flip selfie".

You can also reverse the image using the default photo editor, Just go to edit and rotate the image.

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