How to Look Good in Picture or Photos


To look good in every picture or photos there are some techniques that only photogenic people know. If you want feel more confident in front of a camera then read this article. So, whenever you take a picture, you will not look ugly.

Tips to look good in picture (Photos)

1. Keep calm and breathe

In a picture, calm and confident person looks sexier. Relax and focus on your breath because it make you look attractive and confident, also relax your face to look good in any photo.

Contrary, if you tense your facial muscle, chances you will appear ugly in picture.

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2. Find the correct position

To look sexy in photo, right position will help; correct your posture such as, upright shoulders, back and raise your chin. Tilt your head back a little or to the side. So, proper light can reach your face which prevents shadow.

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3. Find proper light

Don't stand under direct sunlight or below any other light: It adds shade and your eyes won't look right. Instead, rotate your face so that the light source is slightly to your left or right. The shadows will shape your face well and highlight your features.

4. Be natural

The key to looking good in a picture is that you have to be natural. If you get nervous and shy in front of the camera, the shot will fail. You have to relax and be yourself.

Don't look directly at the camera. Look at side or somewhere, and smile. You can place your hands over chair, or touch your hair.

5. Eyes direction are important

The direction of the eyes is very important to look good in any photo, do not always stare at the camera. Instead, try to add mystery by looking other direction, and looking upward.

6. Flaunt your hair

If posture and eye are important to look good in a picture, then hair also has a role. Don't cover too much face with your hairs. Raise your hair and make a bun or a high ponytail. You can open your hair run your hand through it to give it a natural look.

7. Wear right makeup

For photos, the perfect makeup is that adds light to your face. It's not about putting enough makeup but make sure that your makeup catches light. The lighter your face appear the better your picture will be.

8. Don't forget to smile

Try to keep your smile natural; Think that you are beautiful it makes you feel confident and, say "cheese" before taking a photo.

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