How to do Push Ups Properly


Push ups is the very basic exercise that develop strength in upper body. This exercise can be done anywhere, all you need is a ground and simple instructions to do them properly.

How to do push ups

Push-up workout:

  • Lie flat on your stomach.
  • Place your hands on the floor, slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Keep your feet behind, hand and body in a straight line.
  • Raise your upper body by extending your arms, while keeping your body straight.
  • Make sure don't arch your back and don't raise your butt too high.
  • Spread your fingers to protect the wrist, contract the core and look down, not straight.
  • Now, lower the body by bending arms and push up by extending your arms.
  • Avoid touching your body with the floor, only hands and feet remain in contact with the floor while performing the entire movement.
  • Repeat, that's all you need to perform push ups correctly.

Easier Variation for Beginners

There are some variation of push-ups that help lower the difficulty. If you can't perform basic then you should start with these variation.

Knee push up

This type of push-up ideal for beginners. The knee push ups can help build strength in your upper body then once you get stronger you can switch to difficult variant.

Although, knee push-ups also similar as regular push-ups. But, here you use your knees instead of toes. Do this exercise on the mat or soft surface such as grass to protect your knees.

Incline Push ups

This type of push ups are great for your chest and it is very similar to basic push ups. Only difference is you will place your hands on the elevated surface such as box or bench, and toes on the ground.

Once you get stronger, lower the height to increase push ups difficulty. Here are few difficult variation you can try such as:

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Common Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Do not lower your head: try to keep it straight. Look at the ground to keep your head in line.
  2. Do not arch your back: If you do this then you will not get any benefit from push ups.
  3. Do not spread your elbows: Elbows should remain close to the body.
  4. Do not raise the buttocks high: the whole body should be well aligned and straight, if you raise the butt too high, it means you core is too weak.
  5. Avoid half push ups: half push ups are not that effective. Always try to touch your chest to the ground.
  6. Not contracting core muscles: push ups is the full body workout, so always try to contract your core and squeeze the butt muscles to get more advantage of this exercise.

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