How many pull ups should I do a day?


If you are pull-ups lover, but don't know "How many pull-ups you should do a day", then here you will find the answer.

However, it's one of the best strength exercises that build muscular back. It takes very short time to see results if you do them regularly in your workout routine.

The number of pull-ups you do can determine how strong and fit you are.

How many pull-ups should you do?

Fact is, number of pull-ups are mostly depend on your practice. If you practice them frequently then you will able to more pull ups. Many experts believe that the average number of pull-ups per day should be 8-10 for men, and 2-3 for women. If your goal is to reach that number in a row, then you can start practicing with 3-4 pull ups per day.

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How many pull-ups to build muscle

It also depends on your goal. There was a time when i used to do 200 pull ups per day. I did almost 4 months of practice to reach that number.

If you want to build muscle with pull ups; definitely you need to increase the number such as 40 to 50 pull ups a day. 10 pull ups are not enough for that purpose.

However, there are many ways that help increase the number of pull-ups, but regular practice is most important.

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Perform them with right form

For beginners, it is important to perform the clean and complete pull-ups. It doesn't matter if you are doing fewer reps, quality over quantity should be your aim.

This help build muscles and improve your strength. Once you get used to it, increase the numbers of your pull-ups per set.

Try variations

For better results you should always try different pull-ups grip such as close, wide or underhand grip. This way you can train different muscle groups which help build balanced body.

Like any training program, progression is important to challenge your body, and maximize muscle growth. If normal pull ups are easy, then you can add weights with pull ups.

If you keep adding variations, you will be able to do many more pull-ups within a few months.

Doing a lot of pull-ups is good for your body

If you can do a lot of pull-ups, you will get a muscular body. Pull-ups uses large muscles and tone the entire upper body. In addition, it help with the back pain and posture.

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How many pull-ups should I do per day? If you've read the complete article, you've probably figured out that the answer to this question lies in what you're willing to do.

If you are beginner, you can do one to five pull-ups a day. If you train regular, then do 40 - 50 pull-ups a day. You can also do them with maximum intensity.

In short, it depends on your level and goals.

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