Can I lose Weight by Lifting Weights Only?


Weight training is the best way to increase your calorie expenditure. Lifting weights build muscle, which help you lose extra body fat. If your goal is to lose some pounds without losing muscle, then it can help.

However, most people think cardio is the only exercise for weight loss. Combination of cardio and weights could help you reach your goal much faster. But, if you don't have time for cardio, then lifting weight alone is enough.

Having more muscle mass increases metabolism which can burn more calories even when resting. However, cardiovascular workouts also increase calorie expenditure, and weight training helps to maintain your muscles and weight over a longer period of time.

But, can you lose weight by lifting weights only? Let's find out.

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You will lose fat not muscle

If you're only dieting, you will also lose muscle, which can make you weak. Lifting weights not only burn your fat, but also increases the muscle mass.

Therefore, combination of both is an ideal option. Because, strength training increases muscle mass, it also improve your performance especially during cardio workout.

It will increase your metabolism

Higher metabolism means your will burn more calories which help with weight loss. Your muscle is an active tissue that needs more energy to function.

After gaining muscle mass, our metabolism would be boosted, resulting, high caloric expenditure at rest and you will lose fat quickly.

A long-term diet can reduce your metabolism, and your risk of gaining weight will increase over time.

Lean muscle will make you look slimmer

It is true that, our muscle is smaller than the size of fat. However, more muscle does not mean that you are heavier, it will make you fit and healthier. Because our muscle are so dense, and one kg of muscle size has greater density.

Whereas, 1kg of fat contains more volume. Adding weight lifting in your routine, help improve your strength and muscle size. Therefore, you will feel more energetic and can help you maintain the weight.


Weight loss depends on these factors; regular exercise, good diet, and proper rest. So, if you want to lose weight, remember that a balanced diet and exercise routine will help.

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