How to Tone Arms in a Week? Exercises and Tips


How to tone your arms? This question that many people (especially women) ask themselves. Some exercises are more effective that give better results because, they target complete arms muscle.

Having "toned arms" can make your body attractive. Therefore, many people in the gym pay attention to exercises that target the biceps, shoulders, and triceps.

Knowing the right arm exercises is enough to tone them, whether you are at home or gym. Here you will find the best exercises (with weight and bodyweight) that not only help get slimmer arm but also improve strength.

Exercises to Tone Arms: Weightlifting

1. Straight bar curl

The best exercise that help improve your arm definition is straight bar curl. It is a very basic exercise which uses your bicep muscle.

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2. Seated dumbbell curl

This exercise allows to isolate effectively the biceps. It is performed with the help of an inclined bench and a pair of dumbbells. Sitting position increases the resistance which make it more effective.

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3. Triceps Extension

Triceps are very important muscle that make your arm look better. So it is important to work on them. Below you will find all the important exercises.

4. Rope cable curl

This exercise is great for toning arms. It is an exercise performed with a pulley. The benefit is, it increases the tension on your arms. Therefore, you will it greatly target your biceps. Do more repetitions of this exercise.


Exercises to Tone Arms at Home

1. Push up

Push up uses your upper body muscles especially chest, triceps and shoulder. They are known as muscle toning exercise which help you get rid of excess arm fat. Read below article to know how to do them perfectly.

2. Bench dips

This is extremely important exercise that help build complete upper body. To tone your arm you should do them regularly, it is very simple exercise just put your hands on bench or table and feet on ground. Bend your elbow until you feel stretch, get up slowly.


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3. Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks is a cardio exercise that help tone your arms and burn enough calories. During this exercise the arm muscles are highly activated because of continuous movement. To know more about this exercise read below article.

4. Plank

Very simple exercise but very effective that tone your whole body including arms. To know how to do planks correctly you should read this article.

5. Pull-up

It allows you to lift the entire body while working the biceps and shoulders. It is a very specific exercise for the muscle groups of the upper part of the body and one of the most effective for toning arm muscle.

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Useful Tips

If you want to tone arms in a week, you should focus on those exercises that target your shoulders, triceps and biceps. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Train your arms muscle with compound exercises such as dips, pull ups, dumbbells press and push ups. They work all your arms muscles, also focus on other exercises to prevent overtraining.
  • Do hiit training to burn arm fat faster, because fat can hide the muscle definition.
  • Focus on healthy diet to get rid of excess body fat.
  • Do this workout 2 times a week at least 20 minutes for better results.
  • Get enough rest; it help recover the muscles and prevent injury.

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