30 Days Jumping Jacks Challenge for Weight Loss


If you want to transform your body; take this 30 days jumping jack challenge. You will notice amazing results once you complete this challenge.

If you have recently stopped working out, then you can restart your fitness routine with jumping jack challenge.

Moreover, this exercise has many advantages that you will know here:

Why Jumping Jacks Challenge?

If you really want to lose weight, then jumping jacks can help get back in shape. Moreover, 30 days challenge are the best way stay motivated because, everyday you have to challenge yourself by increasing repetitions.

Plus, you don't need any equipment so, you can do it anytime even at your room. However, jumping jacks are a full body exercise which also improve your fitness and endurance.

What will happen after 30 days?

Here the some benefits of jumping jack challenge:

  • Improves your lower body strength.
  • Improve explosive power in legs
  • Tone your arms and legs
  • Help you sleep better.
  • You will lose weight quickly.
  • Help lower the stress.
  • You will follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • Improves the mood because it promotes endorphins.
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How to do Jumping Jacks

  • Get into the position by standing hip-width apart. Place your arms at the sides.
  • Contract your core muscle, keep your head straight and chest out.
  • Jump as long as you can while spreading legs.
  • As you jump raise your arms up, until it goes above your head.
  • Land while maintaining your posture and form with your legs spread apart.
  • Then, return to starting position and repeat as long as you can.
  • Always maintain your hands and legs movement when you jump and come back to starting position.

30 days Jumping Jack Challenge

You should take picture (before and after). After 30 days you can compare them to track changes in your body. See the below image to know how to do this challenge.

30 days jumping jacks challenge infographics

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