Are Jumping Jacks good for Weight Loss?


To lose weight you have to burn calories, and jumping jack is a full body exercise that help burn calories. In fact, you can do them with other exercises as well.

Jumping Jacks can help Lose Weight

To lose weight quickly, experts will recommend you high intensity exercises. Although, jumping Jacks are an endurance exercise that increases your heart rate which help burn enough calories. (1)

Moreover, this exercise has explosive movement which increase your speed and muscle tone. It offers similar benefits such as jump rope, squat jump and box jump.

Jumping Jacks work the entire body, making it a great exercise for weight loss. It works the major muscles groups such as legs, core, and upper body.

All these areas store most of the fat, so training all those muscles can help lose overall body fat. In addition, it increases metabolism which helps to burn more calories while doing nothing.

If you want to burn 200-300 calories in 10 - 15 minutes, then jumping jacks will help. However, high intensity exercise can help you burn more calories in short period of time. And of course you can do jumping jacks everyday to lose weight.

Fight against cellulite

Jumping jack is also a good for those who want to fight against cellulite. It promotes the testosterone hormone which acts directly on the fat cells and reduce your cellulite. Doing jumping jacks at least 15 minutes a day, can effectively fight against cellulite.

Why you should do jumping jacks?

The jumping jack is a very basic exercise that anyone can do. This exercise is best for those who want to get fit and lose weight without gym. Moreover, you don't need any equipment and huge space for this exercise.

It is also best ally for those, who want to tone their body and endurance. Many people practice jumping jack because, they don't have time for gym.

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