How to Look Young - 22 Ways to Look Younger

ways to look younger

Some people know the secrets that help them look younger than their age. Everyone wants to look young and attractive; unfortunately they don't know the right things which can help look younger.

Here are some tips and methods to follow regularly.

How to Look Young

1. Drink enough water

As we age, skin cells doesn't repair as it should be, and loses its elasticity. Therefore, the skin look different and it retain less moisture. Although, hydration help repair the skin cells and shrink pores. You should drink at least 2.2 liters water per day for women and 3 liters for men.

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2. Lose some fat

High body fat can make you look older, than people with low body fat. Because it loosens the skin, and make your face bigger. Therefore, you should do at least 30 minutes of workout every day to get tight and attractive skin.

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3. Protect skin externally

External exposure such as: free radicals, smoke, toxins, and pollution are the main reason for premature skin aging. To overcome this, you can apply sunscreen, cover your skin by wearing full sleeves clothes, or wear hat and follow a skin care routine on daily basis.

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4. Eat healthy

Eat foods which contains antioxidants, because they protect you from toxins, free radicals and stress. Avoid bad food, excessive alcohol consumption, and skin products which contains chemical.

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5. Change your sleeping position

Keep your neck up when sleeping on a special foam pillow that adapts to your shape and provides maximum support. This will prevent sleep wrinkles on your face and neck.

6. Change your habits

Such as smoking, and drugs are the main culprit for premature aging. This reduces the collagen from skin which protects from wrinkles and dull skin. Every time you smoke, the small wrinkles around your face will get bigger.

7. Avoid hot shower

Too hot water while washing your face and body with soap can strip away natural skin moisture. Therefore, keep your shower short and do not use too hot water.

8. Use face pack for skin rejuvenation.

Face masks are great for rejuvenation of the skin of the face and body: It cleanse the skin and reduces the size your pores.

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9. Hairstyle to look younger

It's time to change the hairstyle. Brightening or coloring hair with light locks refreshes your everyday look. Short hairstyles also help to look younger for men. For women, long hairs are much better as you can do many hairstyles. You should read: benefits of having long hair.

10. Wear right makeup

Keep your makeup as light as possible, choose light neutral tones of both shades, blush and lipstick. You don't need to use all the cosmetics on your face and skin.

11. Maintain your eyebrows

The shape and size of the eyebrows is very important. They need to be maintained properly to look younger. If you don't know how to maintain them at home, contact a professional who can take care of your eyebrows.

12. Choose the right jewelry

Old fashioned jewelry can make you look like an old woman. To avoid this, choose the appropriate jewelry that suits on your face.

13. Wear glasses

Glasses are your best ally, it not only make you look attractive but also soften your face and hide the dark circles of your eyes. Make sure, your glasses should be round and thick or you can choose according to your face shape.

14. Lower your stress

It's fact that stress causes premature skin aging. Therefore, you should laugh and enjoy as much as you can. It increases the dopamine which help lower stress hormones and relaxes the muscles of our face.

15. Wear anti-aging makeup

Some makeup works best to hide your facial wrinkles and minor skin blemishes. Although, shadows with glitter highlights wrinkles.

16. Get enough sleep

When you sleep enough; it reduces stress, repair your skin cells and muscles, and improve your health. The benefits of sleep are numerous. Sleep at least 6 and 8 hours to maintain the beauty and elasticity of your skin.

17. Whiten your teeth

A big smile with bright teeth is very attractive and seductive. Healthy appearance of teeth also make us look younger. Don't forget to brush your teeth 2 times a day, and use mouthwash.

18. Participate in other activities

Being young is not only limited to doing makeup and wearing clothes, but also a mind-set who always willing to participate in other activities. You should do physical activity, make new friends, and explore new things to keep that young spirit alive.

19. Take care of your hair

Having healthy, luminous hair help you look young. It means that you are healthy and take care of your body. Even this study has proved that, people who maintain their hair look much younger than their actual age.

20. Darken your eyebrows

Dark and fuller eyebrows look much attractive which make your eyes look youthful.

21. Improve your posture

Keep your back, neck straight and chest out. By straightening your back, you live longer. A good posture increases your confidence and shows that you are healthy and energetic person.

22. Take care of your hands and feet

What's the point of taking care of your hair and face if you neglect your hands and feet? Clean your feet and hands at least twice a week. Give yourself a good scrub and apply some moisturizer. Remove cuticles, and trim your nails to maintain its shape. You can also read this: How to take care of your feet?

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