How to Look Confident: 7 Best ways

How to Look Confident

To make a deal with your boss, attract someone, to have conversation and, even to fool people or lie with someone, you need confidence. People trust those who appear more confident while doing anything.

Therefore, it is important to look confident, because it's necessary to deal with any situation. It is easy to succeed when you feel confident in yourself.

Self-confidence is one of the most important skills to learn. By following these tips anybody can look and feel confident.

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1. Fix your posture

This can instantly make you look more confident. Although, bad posture make you look dull and, it also causes back problem.

Therefore, try to maintain upright posture when you stand up or during walking.

You can do this to correct your posture:

  • Regular exercise: such as plank Workout
  • When sitting on a chair, keep your back straight.

2. Always look neat and clean

It is important to keep your hair well groomed and trim your beard if necessary. Also pay attention to the little details, such as nails or use a light perfume. You can also change your appearance for some occasion such as; during an important meeting.

3. Speak slow

Confident people always speak slow and controlled. However, speaking fast means you are nervous or confused. Whenever you talk with someone, speak slow. It shows you are in control and, it make you look more confident.

Also, others can listen and understand what are you saying.

4. Wear appropriate clothes

Wearing right clothes is a best way to look confident. Although, it can cost few more bucks, but these little things can really help. So, wear fit and comfortable clothes and stay up to date with latest trends.

Dark and neutral colors will tend to make you appear more confident. For example, if you look around, you'll notice that big bosses and politicians are most often in black or navy blue.

5. Smile

People who smile often considered friendly and thus, appear more confident. So, pay attention to smile and work to improve it. Make sure the smile doesn't look like fake, scary. Therefore, practice daily in front of mirror.

6. Work on yourself

You have to tell yourself that "I look confident" daily and, soon it will make you believe that fact. Also you need to get out of your comfort zone: test yourself by talking with someone, or do the activities that you tend to avoid.

You should also do regular exercise; because it boosts testosterone and higher level of this hormone are linked to confidence and motivation.

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More tips to look confident

Few more quick tips to look more confident, and become successful.

  • Do this at least once a week: Go outside for a walk and keep your posture upright and smile whenever someone sees you.
  • Maintain eye contact: Try to hold eye contact with them and say hello, try to maintain eye contact as long as possible.

The first few times you'll feel uncomfortable, but don't worry because you'll never see them again. As you get used to this, try something new such as starting a conversation with a stranger.

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