What to do When Someone Loses Feelings for you?

Everything depends on feelings and people treat accordingly. However, feelings are unstable which can change over time. Just because one person feels attraction towards you does not mean that this feeling will last.

Feelings tend to change when people become comfortable with each other. For example, at the first meeting we treat people with respect because we don't know much about them.

And, when someone knows everything about you and becomes comfortable, everything will be different.

But, what to do when someone loses feelings for you? Here you will know the proven techniques which can help.

1. Make them Feel

Talk to them

It's time to talk with them, because it will let you know what's happening in their life. Ask them "If they have any problem or need any help", this will let the person know; there is someone who cares about them. Plus, it's the best way to remind them everything about you.

Conversation is a very important part of a relationship. The more you talk with someone, the more they connect with you. So it will help you to fix the problem automatically.

Discuss about future plan

This is the most effective way, which help increase the attachment and keep the bond strong. You can talk about your interests and, what you want to do together after achieving certain goals.

It will make them believe that you want to spend your whole life with them. It also increases trust in the relationship, which will force them to feel about you, because no one wants to lose such loyal person.

Spend time together

The feelings begin to fade when couples don't spend enough time together. In the beginning of a relationship we spend more time together which keeps us closer to each other.

If you haven't met them in a long time; it is the best opportunity for you to spend time together. Make sure to choose a place that gives thrilling experience, such as an amusement park or you can go to a road trip.

Remind them everything

People stick to a relationship not because they love each other, memories also play important role. You can visit that place where you met first time. It will remind them about those happy moments.

Therefore, discuss those events or memories. You can even send old pics to make them feel.

2. Self-Improvement

Get busy

If the person you love doesn't care about you, then it's time to spend all time on yourself. Once you start focusing on yourself, it will make you feel more confident and you also begin to lose your feelings for them.

This will let him or her know; they are losing someone they have. Once he or she realize this, they will try to contact you. Sometimes you have to show how strong you are and, can live your life without them.


It's important because you can't love someone until you love yourself. Take care of yourself by doing regular exercise and become more attractive which will instantly make someone fall in love with you.

If you really want to make someone feel for you, then love yourself. People tend to feel more attraction towards those who are happy in their life.

Be more attractive

Most people make this mistake once they get into a relationship; they stop improving themselves. And, being lazy is very unattractive that nobody likes.

People love those who appear attractive, who doesn't like an attractive personality and sexy physique?

Ignore them for a while

Being ignored by a loved one is very painful which instantly makes someone miss you. So, stop sending texts and contacting them for a while. Let them initiate contact with you.

You have the power to change how that person feels about you. In fact, if you always try to initiate a conversation then it will deepen your feelings and you will suffer even more.

Value yourself

The most important decisions in your life is not only be consistent with your values, beliefs and views. But also with reality itself. Especially when it comes to accepting a situation that you cannot change.

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