How to Maintain a Relationship and Keep it Interesting


For most women and men, a healthy and strong relationship is an important part of life, especially if you are married. Couples often do things together such as, share memories, and, spending time together which gives the feeling of happiness.

However, when two people love each other, they do many good things to make relationship stronger; they support and help each other's which makes us feel good and even motivates us to become a better partner. Thus, a good relationship is necessary for mental and emotional support.

Over time, relationships begin get worse and some may also breakup at this point. But, here you will know the most important things that helps take care of your relationship.

Although these are most important factor in any relationships:

  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Romance
  • Love
  • intimacy
  • Honesty and Trust

Besides, there are also many other factors can help maintain a healthy and strong relationship.

1. Take Care of Yourself

If you want to keep your girlfriend or boyfriend attracted towards you as long as possible, then never stop improving yourself. Just because you are in relationship doesn't mean you should stop working out. After all nobody wants to stay with lazy people.

You can do some exercises and, follow a good diet to stay in shape, active and, attractive. The person who takes care of themselves will able take care of their partner. Also, other people will get attracted to you, so your partner will do some effort to be with you.

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2. Love Yourself before Loving Someone

People love those who love themselves first. If you love yourself, then your partner also feel same for you. Self love is important to keep your relationship healthy.

For example, there are two people; first one love oneself and other one just hate everything in himself/herself. Which one you find more attractive? Of course the one who love themselves.

Indeed, couples tend to argue each other because of their own shortcomings. You should perish the negative thoughts to avoid such arguments. These merely prevents from loving yourself.

Accept your flaws and try to improve them; this will make things much better for you.

3. Make time for each other

In this busy world, we focus more on work and less on our beloved one. Spending time together is the key that keep the relation alive.

But beware, spending too much time also not an ideal option, else your partner will think that you are always available, which kills the attraction. You also have other important activities so never forget about them.

You should maintain a balance between your regular routine and relationship to keep things interesting.

4. Intimacy

It brings two people closer, which make you feel emotionally connected with your partner. Having a space for intimacy not only limited to sexuality. But once the person get emotionally involved with someone, they can easily share what are their goals, fears, likes, dislikes, and many more. Sharing things together will make the bond strong, it could also mean that you trust each other and, enjoy each other's company.

5. Make Future Plans

However, when couples make future plans, it is sure sign that they wants to stay together under any circumstances. When it comes to long distance relationship this will definitely help.

You can make plans according to your goal, or discuss want to do in future that will good for your personal growth and success.

6. Ask for Help

A person who loves you will always be there for you. Working together make the relationship stronger, in other words, you are working together means you also spending time together to solve the problem, which increase the closeness.

It will also let you know that your significant other cares you.

7. Have fun together

Sometimes we need a good company to enjoy the day and you know who is the best person for this, of course your loved one. Having a great time creates great memories and, whenever something goes wrong the memories help to keep the relationship.

You can go to, amusement park, a road trip, watch a movie together, going out for dinner, and you can give surprise to your partner. Even though, many couples wait for a special day but, you can do that at any time.

8. Communicate Everyday

Communication is extremely important to understand what's going on in your partner's life. But nowadays people tend to communicate less with their partner because of the busy schedule. The less you communicate the more your partner will lose feelings for you.

Some couples communicate only when there are serious problems, but it is necessary on daily basis. Talk at least 10-20 minutes at morning and, night to remind each other how much you love each other.

9. Respect Each Other's

Your partner will appreciate you for this, it help keep your bond stronger and healthier. Both of you and to your partner should treat each other with respect. When we respect each other, we feel better because it makes us feel happy.

You can do many things for each other's to keep the bond stronger such as; opening the door for your partner or doing something great for them.

10. Remember the special dates

Men often forget the special day but remembering them strengthens relationship. Dates can be about any special event; a romantic place, your first kiss, first message, a surprise dinner, and many more. When you remind them about them your partner will feel much better.

Few More Tips to Maintain a Relationship

If you follow these tips, you will be able to enjoy a good relationship as a couple:

  • Whenever you see each other's always give a smile, this will make you feel happy.
  • Be honest, you should always tell your partner how you feel about something.
  • Do not pretend, stay authentic. After all, your partner will love you for this.
  • Listen what are they saying; this will help you understand what's going on.
  • Relationship is about caring each other, so whenever your partner needs you, be there.
  • Accept each others as you are and always try to improve yourself.
  • Tolerate criticism and maintain a loving and appreciative manner when you criticize.
  • Make time for meetings, and spend time together.
  • Give small gifts, surprise and have fun.

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