Should I do ab Exercises if I'm Overweight?

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Many beginners think that doing sit-ups or abs exercises can help flatten the stomach. But, its not a fact because, there are different exercise such as cardio and weight training that help lose weight. Although, to reveal abs you need at least 10-13% body fat.

Of course, overweight people can do ab exercises to improve their core strength, but they are not enough when it comes to lose weight. Plus, doing them everyday will not get you visible abs until you lose your overall body fat. So, forget about sit-ups, crunches, leg raises as they will not help unless you lose body fat.

Therefore, you should focus on a complete workout routine to build a balanced body and lose weight. Doing same exercise daily, is not an ideal option for overweight people.

What should I do if I am overweight?

To get visible abs and lose weight you should focus on other factors:

These are some of important aspects that not only help weigh loss but also build muscle, tone your body and enhances the metabolism.

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