9 Ways How To Burn Fat And Build Muscle In a Week

ways to build muscles and burn fat

Getting in shape has many health benefits it also makes you look good in your clothes. There are some basic rules to burn body fat and gain muscles. Don’t skip the article in middle because here you will know all the things that actually work for building muscles and burning body fat.

These tips Help you build muscle and burn body fat effectively.

1. Calorie Deficit

Most of the people make this mistakes, they don’t track their calories intake. Our body needs certain amounts of calories to function normally. Excess calorie's consumption can gain your weight.
According to research Greater weight loss was achieved by subjects prescribed a 600-kcal deficit diet, compared with a conventional low-calorie (1200 k cal/d) diet.
If you want to burn your excess body fat then tracking calorie should be your priority. 

How to create a calorie deficit Diet? Simple, you have to reduce your extra food intake or calories dense food.

You can use this calorie deficit calculator or losing weight calculator to check your daily calorie requirement.

This calorie deficit calculator tells you how many calories you need to maintain your weight, it also tells you how many days you need to achieve your goal according to your gender, age, height, weight, and physical activity.

2. Don’t Drink Liquid Calories

There are various types of beverages like energy drinks, artificial fruits juice and soda that contain sugar. Such beverages increase your daily calorie intake.
According to research some investigators have argued that added sugars increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease when it is consumed in large quantity.
However, there is no such risk when consumed added sugar in normal range.

Sugary drinks mainly filled with calories with zero nutritional value and such drinks can gain your weight.

But there is more health beneficial and organic juice available like coconut water, apple juice, and orange juice. These are low in calories and provide you good nutrition, and also these juices loaded with antioxidants.

So cutting sugar reduces calories consumption in your diet which is the primary focus of weight loss.

3. Fat Burning Compound Exercises

Compound exercises works with multiple muscles group at a time. To fat loss you need to burn enough calories through your workout. Compound exercises use multiple muscles, and burn enough calories when you do them proper form. 

Compound exercise has many benefits like improve strength, gain muscles mass, and improve metabolism.

The Best thing about compound exercises are you can do them with body weight and with weights too.

Some compound exercises are pull-up, dips, push-up, mountain climbers and squats.

These exercises not only burn calories it also saves your time because it works multiple muscles and helps to strength gain, fat burn and gain muscles.

4. Strength Training Workouts

When you do Strength training workouts your body needs more energy to perform the exercise not only this burn calories, but also increase your muscle mass.
According to ScienceDaily A new study suggests combining weight training with a low-calorie diet preserves much-needed lean muscle mass that can be lost through aerobic workouts.
You should do strength training because of the following benefits:
  1. It improves your metabolism by adding lean muscles.
  2. More lean muscles mass means you can burn more calories during rest.
  3. Strength training make you stronger because it strengthens joints.
  4. One more benefit are it tones  muscles and help you lose weight or burn body fat.
Note: Before starting any strength training you should talk with your trainer or gym coach.

5. Exercise Three Times a Week

To achieve optimum health aim for at least 40 – 60 minutes of exercise three times a week. Those who follow this routine achieve great shape within 3 to 6 months.

Regular exercise improves your physical fitness and life. Physical exercise is not only burn calories and loses weight, but also necessary for preventing cardiovascular related disease.

Besides this, regular exercise improves your mood by reducing stress and depression.

Exercise is a crucial thing that improves your body composition. If you want good body shape then you must do exercise three times a week.

6. Avoid Over training.

Some people think that the more they work out more muscles they gain. When you do over training it increases your stress hormone it also makes you weaker.

How do you know that you are over training? Here are some signs that tell you are over training.these signs are Fatigue, loss of appetite, lack of motivation, poor sleep, mood swings, sore muscles and decreasing performance.

How to stop over training? You have to know that fitness is not about working hard for a few months it’s a lifestyle which you have to stick with for long-term to get better health and life. 

Just look for the symptoms of over training and listen for your body and take a break for a few days. Taking a break from workout routine recovers your muscles and makes it grow big and stronger also it will improve your performance and reduce your stress hormones.

So conclusion is rest and nutrition is necessary for body to gain muscles because muscles grow during rest and gets stronger. Also, proper rest reduce your stress hormone.

7. High-Protein Diet

Adding protein rich foods in your diet is best and useful way that control your appetite, keep you satiated and burn more fat.

A study shows that eating high protein diet helps you in weight control, gives you feeling of fullness, reduce your appetite and helps in weight loss.

Eating high-protein diet also helps you to preserve lean muscle while burning body fat.

Some of high protein foods are eggs, fish, meat etc.

8. Reduce Refined Carbs Consumption

Reducing refined carbs intake will help you lose excess body fat. The reason is that refined carbs contains less fiber and low nutrition.

Refined carbs also raises your insulin because of its high glycemic index which causes you feel more hungry.

Study shows that eating refined carbs increases the belly fat.

Another reason you should cut down refined carbs are it is easily digest because of low fiber contains.

Instead of refined carbs you should eat complex carbs such as whole wheat, Brown rice etc. and cut down all foods that contains refined carbs such as sugar, cakes, processed foods.

9. Be consistent and enjoy the process

Building muscles and losing weight takes some time also you have to stick with proper nutrition and rest to burn fat and gain muscles.

Consistency is not only for fitness but whatever your goal is you have to stay consistent about your goal.

When you do workout or exercises your health improves each and every day your muscles gets stronger, you gain muscles, and burn fat. And gradually you reach your goal.

For fit and healthy life you have to stay consistence because there is no shortcut. So enjoy the whole process and not to give up on it and make progress.

Things to remember in order to burn fat and build muscles are:
  • Create a calorie deficit diet
  • Avoid liquid calories to minimize calories intake
  • Exercise 3 times a week
  • Do compound exercises for gaining strength and burning fat
  • Do Strength training for building amazing muscles and getting stronger
  • Never do over training it will make you weak and increase your stress.

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