6 Gym Mistakes That Affect Your Muscle Growth & Performance

Gym Mistakes That Affect Your Muscle
Mistakes is a part of our life and when you start something new you make many mistakes, anyway nobody is perfect everybody learn from mistakes they do in their life.

If you are the type of person who want to build muscle and burn fat but not getting the result as you expected then you need to fix some of your workout mistakes.

Here are the six biggest gym mistakes you should avoid

1. No warm up

Before doing any workout make sure you are warming up properly. Most people make this mistake such as they do some stretching before workout. Warm and stretching both are different things. Stretching should be done after your workout.

Warm up simply increase your body temperature and blood flow in your muscles that improve your gym performance and reduce the chances of injury.

Warming up is just like walking or skipping rope before doing workout. If you are training your upper body then you should do some upper body warm up exercise before workout.

Warm up length depends on your workout most people do warm up for 2-5 minutes or maybe more longer it all depends on your workout intensity.

Warm up is most important thing and make it a part of your routine because it boost your performance, reduce the chances of injury and help you become a great athlete.

2. Not hydrating properly

It doesn't matter you are a serious athlete or normal person who just want to stay in shape, hydration is important for your body to function properly.

Water maintains your body temperature and helps to lubricate your joints properly. Good hydration also helps to maintain energy and transport nutrition to your body.

If you are doing your workout without proper hydration it can affect your performance because during workout your body loses water to maintain your body temperature that also makes you dehydrated.

Dehydration makes you feel dizzy, tiredness, muscle cramps or few more symptoms.

Make sure stay hydrated properly before, during or after workout.

3. Bad workout plan

Without having a good workout plan you can't get result. If you are doing workout randomly or according to your mood then it may definitely affects your performance.

Possibly you may over or under train. Over training is one of the worst thing most beginners do at gym because they think the more they train the faster they see the results.

Without any workout plan you also waste your time because you don't have idea what you are doing and why.

So that is the reason you need workout plan because it saves your time, prevent over or under training, it also help you decide how many sets or reps you need and which exercise to do.

Always make a good workout plan if you want to achieve great health.

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4. Ego lifting

This is the most common mistake people do at gym. Lifting weight with ego means you are doing much more than your limit. Mostly people do this for impressing their friends or show off in social media.

Just focus on yourself and your health. Ego lifting cause you risking yourself to injury it also make your form bad as you are lifting more than your capacity.

Remember that everything takes some time. Progression takes time so increase your weight gradually once you get stronger and stop impressing others and ego lifting for your safety.

5. No rest between sets 

It totally depends on your workout intensity. If you are doing hiit training or circuit training then you need very little rest. It all depends on the type of training.
But if you are doing strength training then the good rest period is 2-5 minutes between sets. Because when you do strength training it consume your lot of energy that comes from ATP-PC system consists of adenosine triphosphate and phosphocreatin.
Your ATP-PC system takes at-least 3 minutes to fully recover. So getting proper rest between sets make you more stronger and improves your lifting performance.

Make sure you get proper rest between sets to maximize your gains and performance.

6. You are talking too much

When you do your workout your main focus should be at your workout. No doubt gym is a place where people socialize but it also waste your time. 

So instead of talking too much with people you just focus on your workout. small talk is ok but don't waste your precious time having a long conversation with someone.

Talking with people in the gym won't give you any result.


I hope you may understand what are the gym mistakes most people do that affect their performance and gains. If you are doing same mistakes then fix them to get stronger and healthier.

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