How to Peel a Boiled (hard or soft) Egg Without Shell Sticking

Trick for Easily Peeling soft or hard Boiled Eggs

peel boiled egg

Sometimes it can be frustrating when you are unable to peel the egg shell properly. However, egg shell are delicate especially when it comes to a soft boiled egg. A properly peeled egg not only satisfying but also it looks clean and better that you can use in any recipe.

Both hard and soft boiled eggs can be used in various dishes. Often, people who don't have enough time, prefer hard-boiled eggs for their dishes such as salads or breakfast, because they doesn't take much time for peeling than soft boiled egg.

Creamy yolk and melted white of soft boiled eggs, makes difficult to peel the shell. But here are some tricks that will help you peel a boiled egg without shell sticking.

Peeling hard and soft boiled eggs hack

First of all, put your eggs into a bowl of water, which help find whether eggs are fresh or not.

If the egg falls to the bottom of the bowl, which means they are fresh and you can boil them without any problem.

If the egg floats in the middle, which means they are not much fresh but can be eaten. Besides if they are floating at top of the water, then better replace them with fresh one.

How to peel a soft and hard boiled egg?

After above steps, the most important thing is, always use a timer when you boil them in water. Basically, ideal duration for soft boil eggs is 5-6 minutes, while for hard-boiled egg it should be 8-9 minutes.

You can use timer for accurate duration, because boiling them with proper duration is the important step.

After boiling the eggs, take them out of the water using a table spoon or skimmer. Now put them in the bowl filled with cold water, you can also add ice cubes in water.

Then break the shell with light pressure which allow them to cool down. It allows the water to enter between eggs and shell which make the peeling easier. However, if you peel the egg inside water it would be much easier than peeling outside.

Important tips to Peel a soft Boiled Egg

If you want to peel a soft egg easily, then peeling the complete fresh egg could be difficult than a week older egg. So, it would be great if you use a week older egg.

You can also mix a little vinegar in boiling water up to 2 tablespoons, which makes peeling easier.

Difference between a boiled egg, a soft-boiled egg, and a hard-boiled egg

Boiled egg, count 3 minutes of cooking time maximum. The white must be cooked, but the yolk must be runny.

Soft-boiled egg, add an extra minute of cooking time. The white will be cooked and the yolk will be cooked only around the edges.

Hard-boiled egg, the cooking time is 10 minutes maximum. If you let it cook too long, the yolk will be too dry and it may look slightly greenish color at the edges.

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