Do Squats Make your Butt and Thighs Bigger?


To build attractive lower body many experts will recommend squats, because it is believed that squats help build bigger butt and thighs. However, they are considered as the important exercise in terms of development of thighs and buttocks muscles.

It is also true that you will get amazing result at the end of the squats challenge, as it promises us to have a beautiful and rounded buttocks within few weeks.

Besides, squats is the ideal exercise for muscular development of your buttocks and help give them a nice curve, but also it works the thighs. If you wants bigger butt then doing squats will definitely help, but don't rely on this exercise alone since there are many exercise that target your butt and thighs effectively.

Do Squats really effective for Butt and Thighs

However, the fact is, squats works more on your thigh muscles (quadriceps). If you observe people while doing squats, you may find that quads muscles are greatly activated during the whole movement. It also has some impact on your buttocks when you bend the knees.

If you only wants to tone your thighs muscles, you can do them in moderation, doing too much will make your thighs look muscular. Besides, the effect on the buttocks is minimal, assume that it has 10-15 % effects on your buttocks.

By lowering the body, you can increase the effect but, deep squats considered dangerous as it increases the risk of injury. For better results, you can do at least two sessions per week and it would be much better to get any expert advice.

Why do people think that squats make your butt bigger?

Because we see everywhere including social media that people with bigger butt do squats, which make us believe that squats is the only exercise that build bigger butt. So, you might think that this exercise will help you get same body as the person whom you seen in social media.

But don't forget, they do a lot of targeted exercises and not only squats, also they follow a balanced diet, which help build the perfect body. They also photoshop their pics, to make it appear much better than original.

Are there other methods to strengthen the buttocks and thighs?

Squats required some flexibility, if this exercise is difficult for you; there are many exercises that sculpt buttocks such as, bridge and its variations, leg lifts, lunges and its variations, deadlifts, and hip abduction. You can also use resistance band to increase the difficulty.

Is weighted squats make your butt and thighs bigger?

Of course, weights will help but there are many things that define your body shape such as a healthy lifestyle. It does not necessarily mean that you should follow a drastic diet, but eating healthy foods with proper calories consumption is much better way to get bigger butt and thighs, also it help keep you in shape and optimizes the effects of training.

It is a combination of diet, training rest and nutrition that will allow you to reach your goal.

How often should I do squats?

Squats can be done anywhere so you can do 5-10 minutes daily, and don't forget, in order to keep working your buttocks, to contract them as often as possible when you are standing and focus on correct form with slow repetitions.

Add variations

Variations help target your muscles with different angles, it also increases the difficulty. You can go down slowly and jump, you can grab weights or wear backpack to increase the effectiveness.

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