9 Benefits of Listening to Music


Music is the human's best friend as it help relax the mind and has many other benefits. Whether you're going to road trip, studying, working out or doing laundry, listening to music while doing these activities will help you feel better.

Therefore, many students wear headphones while reading books and writing reports in libraries, even it help prevent boredom while studying.

So, wear your headphones, turn on the sound and read this article to know "What are the health benefits of listening to music".

Health Benefits of Listening to Music

1. Music make you feel good

Did you know that, a good music that touches your soul make you feel happier? It only takes few number of songs, which release the feel good hormones endorphins or dopamine in the brain. Both make us feel good that promotes happiness and positive feelings.

2. Help you feel calm and relaxed

Everyone listen to music when they feel tired. Therefore, music is very important for brain, as it allows us to feel good and relaxed. The fact is; whenever you listen to your favorite music, it makes you remind the things, which linked to memories and mood.

Music that calm the mind also increases the feeling of positivity.

3. Lower the Stress

Music is the best ally, which relieves stress. Research has proven that listening to music help decrease the cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a hormone responsible for increasing chronic stress. Low levels of stress help you feel better and happy in life.

4. Reduces depression

Since the music releases the hormones as mentioned above. These hormones have a direct effect on your brain. Listening to your favorite music can release serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that are responsible for mental and psychological health.

Even it is proven in studies that listening to music can reduce depression.

5. Improves sleep

Higher cortisol level causes disturbance in sleep wake cycle. But, music help lower this stress hormone which helps you sleep better. Study found that listening to music before bed can improve sleep and reduce the insomnia.

So, next time instead of staring at tv or mobile screen at night, listen to your favorite music for few minutes.

Benefits of Listening to Music while Working out

6. Improves workout performance

If you go to a gym, you will listen to non-stop music, as it helps prevent boredom and motivates you towards your workouts. Many runners wear headphones because, listening to music while running can enhance your performance.

Studies found that people who listen to motivational music while workout or running, can run faster, and workout efficiently.

7. Prevent Boredom

Without music, workout can be very boring. But it has been shown in research that, people who listen to music tend to exercise for a long time. Because, it help improve the mood, and doesn't make us feel alone. So, you will focus more on workout and less on distractions.

8. Encourages you to do More Repetitions

Music improves the focus which allows us to perform more repetitions while doing exercise.

According to study, music increases the motor activity in the brain which help perform more repetitions while working out.

Listening to music, will makes you workout more than those, who don't listen at all.

Benefits of Listening to Music while Studying

9. It develops the Brain

Music contributes to the development of the brain because it has a great impact on mind. It improves the memory, IQ, mood and focus, therefore, listening to music help with learning.

It also help with academic success as it improves self-confidence and self-esteem. It also has a positive effect on children; songs and music help them develop attention, focus and learning skill.

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