Eating 1200 Calories and not Losing Weight? Know here


Losing weight is a best way to get an attractive and good looking personality. Despite healthy diet, caloric deficit is very important part that help lose weight quickly.

However, eating 1200 calories a day is very effective for losing extra pounds. But, in most cases some people still don't lose their weight, and you might wonder "I am on a super strict diet but why not losing weight?"

You're doing everything right, and yet the scale isn't reducing your weight. Despite efforts, there are many reasons, such as thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances and diet, which prevent weight loss.

To lose weight, first you should understand why your diet isn't working.

Eating 1200 calories not losing weight

1. Not following a proper diet plan

We gain weight due to a poor or unbalanced diet, might be you are eating more than 1200 calories without realizing it.

If you are not maintaining the right energy balance, there will be no result in terms of weight loss. However, most people think they can eat a little more, resulting calories intake increases which prevents losing weight.

Fruits and vegetables should be eaten at every meal, as they are rich in vitamins and essential minerals and have low calorie content.

Avoid high glycemic index foods such as cream, sugar and, processed food.

2. Checking your weight frequently

Patience are important because it takes few weeks to see results. If you measure it at morning, you will see different numbers because our body goes to fasting mode at early morning. After eating food and drinking water surely it will different.

Also losing weight quickly will not last longer, because after some time you will regain you weight. Strict diets are hard to follow for long term. Eventually you will return to your previous eating habits.

Set a long term goal which help maintain weight and keep you in a good shape.

3. Water retention

Once body is filled with it which adds weight. If you are not drinking enough water then body retain some fluid to protect from dehydration. Overeating carbohydrates also causes water retention because 1 gram carbs store almost 3gram of water.

But we can prevent this by drinking enough water and lowering the carbs consumption. Regular exercise also one of the best remedy for such problems.

4. Reaches a plateau

At the beginning, eating 1200 calories a day will get you a great result for several weeks, but over time your body will adjust the amount of calories, which completely stops you from losing weight.

To break weight loss plateau, you should not stick to a same eating habits for longer duration. Even our muscles won't grow once we get used to same exercise. So progression and changes is necessary to see changes in body.

For example, you can eat few more calories for few days to trick the brain, it will help break plateau. Losing weight takes time and require patience, add some exercises in your routine for better result.

5. Hormonal problem

Sometimes, even with good diet and regular exercise, it is difficult or impossible to lose weight. If you are trying hard and not getting results, then you should consult a professional as there may be an underlying problem in your body.

Some problems can have an effect on the hormonal system, which prevents weight loss or even encourages weight gain, such as thyroid problem or Diabetes.

6. You are not eating enough

That's another thing that affect weight loss. An average person needs almost 2000 - 2500 calories per day. Dropping calories aggressively not only slows down metabolism but, also undernourished your body. Your body will not function normally and you will not be able to lose weight.

It is important to supply proper nutrition to your body to boost metabolism. You have to feed your body to lose weight, and don't starve it. Because it also make you lose muscles which is bad for the body, goal is to lose fat and not muscle so diet with exercise is much important.

It would be better if you read this article (Calories need to lose 1kg a week).

7. Lack of sleep

To control hunger our body has leptin and ghrelin hormones which is affected by poor sleep. Leptin help control the food intake and accelerate weight loss whereas ghrelin works opposite.

If you are not getting enough sleep, you will eat more calories. So try to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Sleep also helps reduce stress which has a positive effect on weight loss.

8. You gained muscles

Muscle are dense and smaller in size compared to fat. If you workout regularly then, the muscle will replace the fat mass. As a result, the figure on the scale does not move. But if muscle gained the figure becomes slimmer, firmer and fit.

However, muscle burns more calories. By building muscle, you also boost the metabolism.

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